Transfer Planning

When you choose STLCC, you’re not only getting an education today, but also assistance preparing for tomorrow.

Transfer Planning

Transferring credit

No matter if you’re coming or going, make sure you don’t lose a single hour of your hard-earned credit.  

Transferring credit to STLCC

If you’ve already taken college courses, you may be able to count those classes toward your associate’s degree or certificate. All you need to do is submit your transcript and we’ll do the rest.

Learn more about transferring credit to STLCC.

Transfer STLCC credit to another college

The courses you’ve taken with us can save you time and money on your degree. Whether you’re just beginning to think about your next step or ready to send your transcript we’re here to help.

Browse our equivalency and transfer guides.

Reverse Transfer

Did you take classes with us, then move on to a Missouri university, without completing an associate program? With this program, you can transfer equivalent credit from your university back to STLCC to complete a degree or certificate.

Whether you’re looking to graduate with two degrees, or life prevented you from completing your bachelor's, turn the credits you’ve completed into the degree you’ve earned with reverse transfer.

Learn more about Missouri’s reverse transfer program.

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