Institutional Research and Planning

St. Louis Community College is an organization informed by data. Data are resources that support the overall decision-making needs of the college and the specific decision-making needs of individual units and programs.

The Institutional Research and Planning office is dedicated to working collaboratively with the administration, faculty and staff to provide timely, reliable and accurate information to support the college's mission. The professionals in the Institutional Research and Planning office promote a culture of research driven and data informed decision-making through support of strategic planning, assessment efforts and a variety of academic research. It is the responsibility of every employee of the college to engage in thoughtful interpretation of information provided by the Institutional Research and Planning office.

To support these efforts, the Institutional Research and Planning office strives to improve efficiency and provide timely information through the innovative use of technology.

Kelli Burns

Greg Works
Senior Research Associate

Jennifer Peterlin
Senior Research Associate

Bill Dyer
Research and Data Analyst

Megan Greene
Research and Data Analyst

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