Preparing to Graduate

Preparing to Graduate

What's the difference between Graduation and Commencement? Graduation is the act of receiving a degree in your program of choice. Commencement is the celebration for students who are graduating.

Preparing for Graduation

  1. Degree Audit: Run a degree audit each term before registration.
  2. Transcripts: Be sure to submit all required transcripts; review the Application Checklist for more info!
  3. Apply for Graduation: If you meet all graduation requirements for your declared major, the Registrar's Office will notify you by email the first week of the term in which you will complete your degree requirements. Otherwise, you may complete the Application for Graduation form. Submit the application to the District-Wide Registrar's office by the priority deadline:
    • Summer Graduation - June 20
    • Fall Graduation - October 7
    • Spring Graduation - March 1

Applications received after the priority deadline will be processed, however it is possible that your name will not be printed in the graduation program.

Ready for the Graduation Commencement Ceremony?

If you have been notified by the Registrar's office that you are eligible to attend the Graduation Commencement Ceremony and would like to attend, please fill out the form on the Graduation Commencement Ceremony page.

There is one ceremony per year and it includes the current spring grads as well as the prior summer and fall grads. For students who are graduating during the current summer term, you may request to participate in the ceremony so long as you have 6 hours or less to complete.

Register for Commencement

When Will I Receive My Diploma(s)?

You will receive a diploma cover during the commencement ceremony. Diplomas are issued about four weeks after commencement provided all graduation requirements are met and all holds are cleared.

Term of Graduation

Estimated Diploma Delivery Date
Spring Mid-July
Summer Mid-September
Fall Mid-January

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Replacing Your Diploma

Diploma re-orders are processed with our end of term graduates. Therefore, re-orders will be placed three times per year: December, May, and August. If you have more than one credential, please complete a separate Duplicate Diploma Request Form for each one.

Duplicate Diploma Request Form is Received by Estimated Diploma Delivery Date
May 1 Mid-July
Please note that Spring 2019 diplomas were sent out on July 3.
Aug. 1 Mid-September
Dec. 1 Mid-January
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