St. Louis Community College solicits sealed bid proposals for a variety of goods and/or services identified below by Bid Number and Managing Coordinator/Buyer. Contact the managing coordinator/buyer to ensure you have the latest information for the bids/proposals listed below. Please note that documents must be returned to the college's purchasing department on or before bid closing date and time at:

3221 McKelvey Rd
Bridgeton, MO 63044

You can now click on the bid number to download a .pdf of the request.

If you have any questions for need more information, call 314-539-5225.

St. Louis Community College Vendor Registration Form

St. Louis Community College is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Requests for Bid/Proposals

Bid Number Managing
area code
Closing Date/Time
B0003755 Cynthia Green 539-5227 Domestic & International Group Travel Services

Jan. 3

10 a.m.

B0003847 KeJuan Torrence 539-5226 Forest Park Awards Banquet Dec. 20
2 p.m.
B0003856 KeJuan Torrence 539-5226 GE OEC 9800 Mobile C-Arm with Vascular  Dec. 12
2 p.m.
B0003884 Cynthia Green 539-5227 Disparity Study Dec. 20
2 p.m.
B0003886 KeJuan Torrence 539-5226 Wireless Sound Equipment  Jan. 8
2 p.m.
B0003893 KeJuan Torrence 539-5226 Printing of Student Newspaper Jan. 13
2 p.m.
B0003899 KeJuan Torrence 539-5226 Florissant Valley Awards Banquet Dec. 23
2 p.m.
B0003900 KeJuan 
539-5226 Assorted Food Products for Resale Jan. 14
2 p.m.
B0003904 Cynthia Green 539-5227 Telephone Survey Research Dec. 16
10 a.m.
B0003908 KeJuan Torrence 539-5226 Medical Equipment Jan. 9
2 p.m.
B0003913 KeJuan Torrence 539-5226 Meramec Student Awards Banquet Dec. 19
11 a.m.
B0003921 KeJuan Torrence 539-5226 Surgical Equipment Allied Health Dec. 20
2 p.m.
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Addenda to Bid/Proposals

Bid Number Addendum Number Date Issued
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