Online Success for Beginners

It's a common myth that online and hybrid classes are easier that traditional face-to-face classes. Online and hybrid classes require self-motivation, time management skills, excellent computer skills, and persistence. Follow this beginner's guide to be successful in your online and hybrid classes.

  1. Keep the lines of communication open
    • Activate your STLCC email 
    • Check your STLCC email frequently - that is how your instructors will communicate with you
    • Use your STLCC email when contacting instructors - they may not know who you are if you use a personal account
    • Login to Banner Self-Service to make sure your phone number is accurate
  2. Know what you are getting into
    • Most online and hybrid classes require a lot of reading, so be prepared to make time in your schedule to keep up with reading assignments
    • When you are not going to a classroom, it can be harder to stay on task - make sure you have a system for meeting deadlines and keeping up with the coursework
    • Good computer skills are a must! You should be familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, and have good typing skills
  3. Be prepared for class and know what's expected
    • Get the textbook before the class begins - in a campus bookstore or online
    • Make sure your computer meets the minimal technical requirements by using our Browser Checker
    • Take the SmarterMeasure assessment to see if you are ready for online learning
    • Log into your Blackboard class on the first day to read the syllabus and make sure you have all necessary course materials
  4. Keep the momentum going
    • Take time to explore the class so you'll know where to find the extra reading materials, assignments, discussion boards, etc
    • Check your grades and read the feedback from the instructor
    • Make use of our FREE Academic Support Center if you are having issues with subject material
    • Make sure to keep up with assignments and other class tasks
    • Have a back-up plan if your computer or internet connection fails - technology problems are not an excuse for missed deadlines
    • Contact your instructor if you have questions or run into problems

With planning and hard work, you can be successful in your online and hybrid classes!

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