Nonprofit Essentials

Nonprofit Essentials

Professional Development

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Designed for existing and aspiring nonprofit professionals, the Nonprofit Essentials program helps meet the increasingly challenging demands that are placed on board members, administrators, staff, and volunteers. Explore establishing and running a nonprofit, grant writing, capacity building and more.

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NEW! Overcoming Fundraising Hurdles

Are you an established non-profit looking for new donors and new ways to generate revenue? Are you a Development Manager or Director who needs fresh ideas on fundraising and donor development? This course will teach you how to overcome the most common fundraising hurdles and how to build new streams of revenue for your non-profit organization. Taught by non-profit Executive Director, this course will teach you best practices and new ways to grow your donor base and grow fundraising dollars.
NPAD:702 | $39 | Age 60+: $39
F01 | Sa 9 am-12 pm | Ken Weintraub | Nov 3 | MC - SO, 107

Establishing and Running a Nonprofit Organization: Part I

This popular seminar provides an overview of the legal basics for establishing and running a nonprofit organization. Presented by an attorney and entrepreneur who speaks from her experience in working with nonprofit start-ups. Class includes practical tips, useful resources including the Nonprofit Tax-exempt Corporation Workbook, an e-book (PDF) that presents the process of establishing a nonprofit in a step-by-step format with ample space for notes, charts for gathering necessary information and tables for developing time-lines and assigning responsibilities. An excellent tool for assisting in nonprofit formation, orienting new board members and nonprofit directors.
NPAD:703 | $29 | Age 60+: $29
F03 | Sa 10 am-12 pm | Amy Hereford | Sep 15 | MC - SO, 108
F01 | Sa 10 am-12 pm | Amy Hereford | Nov 10 | FV - C, 133

Establishing and Running a Nonprofit Organization: Part II

This seminar builds on the previous session and provides more information. It will explore the legal requirements of operating a nonprofit business organization, board responsibilities, business law for nonprofits and legal compliance. Newer business models for nonprofits including fiscal sponsorship, nonprofit alliances, nonprofit/for profit joint ventures and other collaborative structures will also be discussed.
NPAD:703 | $29 | Age 60+: $29
F04 | Sa 1 pm-3 pm | Amy Hereford | Sep 15 | MC - SO, 108
F02 | Sa 1 pm-3 pm | Amy Hereford | Nov 10 | FV - C, 133

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