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Book Classroom Equipment

Getting started

Use the form below, e-mail, or call Media Circulation to book equipment.

Note: The classrooms at BRDG Center, Harrison Center, and South County Education & University Center are media-equipped. If you have additional needs at BRDG Center, please call 314-513-4501 at Florissant Valley. For the Harrison Center, please call 314-763-6150. For SCEUC, please call 314-984-7203. 

Florissant Valley
Forest Park

Equipment request form

Note: Please request equipment at least 2 business days in advance.

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Time/Place/Contact Information

*Select a campus:
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*Classroom Number:
Class Date(s):

(Use "select a date..." to choose a class date or choose start and end dates below for semester-long requests. Click the add button to append a displayed date to the list of dates. Reset clears any previously selected dates.)

Start time: (Click in the box. Type the hour. Use your keyboard arrows or scroll wheel on mouse to adjust times.)
End time:
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Audio Equipment

Boom Box (CD & Tape Player) (FP, FV, MC, WW)
Microphone (FP, FV, MC, WW)  Handheld  Lapel
Podium w/Microphone (FP, FV, MC) 
Digital Recorder (FP, MC)

Visual Equipment

LCD Projector (for video & data) (FP, FV, MC)
DVD/VCR Player (FP, FV, MC)
Video Presentation Stand (FP, FV, MC)
(Video unit that displays transparencies, opaque material and 3-D objects)
Digital Camcorder (MC, WW)
(Please indicate format in AV comments section — e.g. miniDV, HDD, etc.)
Do you need an operator? (MC Only) Yes  No
Smartboard (WW)

Computer Equipment

Computer on Wheels (IBM compatible) (FP, FV)
Wireless Computer Remote (FP, FV, MC)
Laptop for classroom (MC)
Laptop for checkout (FP, MC)
Laptop Lab (15 laptops) (MC, WW)
Printer?  Yes  No
How many students do you have?

Other Equipment or Services

Flipchart - comes with paper and markers (FP, FV, MC)
(Please indicate number required in AV comments section)
Easel - for display of solid-backed signs or pictures (FP, FV, MC)
(Please indicate number required in AV comments section)
Clicker set (FV, MC, WW)
(Please indicate number required in AV comments section)
Screen (FP, FV, MC)
Classroom assistance (FP, MC, WW)

AV Comments/Additional Requests Only: