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Wildwood Online Writing Center submission form

  • The Writing Center can only accept papers from Wildwood courses.
  • Fill out the form completely and submit. Allow 48 hours for a tutor response.
  • The document must be a MS Word document (1997-2007 file type).
  • The file name cannot contain any special characters such as #, $, &, and should not have any spaces between the words. Sample of preferred file name format: comp_assign_smith.docx or joespsych101paper.doc
  • Writing Center staff can only respond to STLCC student email addresses, such as jdoe12@my.stlcc.edu. If you have not activated your student email account, please do so before submitting your paper.


*Student name:
*Student email address:
*Course name, i.e. ENG 101, General Psychology, etc.:
*Instructor's Name:
*Paper due date:
*Attach paper
(MS Word documents only):
Attach instructor's assignment
(MS Word Documents only)
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