Registration Workshops

New Student Registration Workshops

Registration Workshops

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Congrats on officially becoming a college student! Now that you have your acceptance email, it’s time to attend a New Student Registration Workshop (NSRW). These workshops help students in navigating the registration process for their first semester at STLCC. 

Use this checklist to make sure you’ve completed all required items before attending your workshop:

  • Completed your application
  • Set up your MySTLCC ID
  • Log in to Navigate - use your MySTLCC username and password to log in. Navigate will keep you updated on important deadlines, events and activities.
  • Submit transcripts from high school and any college credits earned
  • Take placement test or submit ACT or SAT scores

While all students are welcome, first-time college  and dual enrollment students are required to attend; otherwise, you will not be able to register for your classes. Workshop registration is required; seating is limited.

If you have questions or need an online workshop, please contact Academic Advising

Schedule a workshop: 

My workshop was canceled. Now what?

From time to time, factors such as weather or campus closures can cause a workshop to be canceled. In this rare event, you will need to register for another workshop. 

Questions or Concerns

Contact the academic advising office.

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