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Completion/Graduation/Transfer Report

Three-Year Completion and Persistence Rates For First-Time, Full-Time, Degree-Seeking Students:
Fall 2003 To Spring 2006

In Fall 2003, the college enrolled 27,461 students. Forty percent of the students were enrolled full-time. Sixty-two percent were female and 34 percent were minorities. Approximately 1 percent received athletic-based financial assistance.

In Fall 2003, 2,448 first-time, full-time, degree-seeking students enrolled with the college. By Spring 2005, 42.1 percent of the first-time group had either graduated from STLCC or transferred to a four-year college/university. Thirty-eight percent of the original cohort was still enrolled with the college during the 2005-2006 academic-year. Table 1 presents completion and persistence rates by gender and ethnic classification. Table 2 presents similar rates for students participating in intercollegiate sports.

Table 1: Three-Year Completion Rates for First-Time, Full-Time, Degree-Seeking Students by Gender and Ethnic Classification

Student Group Completion Rate Persistence Rate
African-American Male 37.4% 28.1%
African-American Female 32.6%  37.6%
White Male  37.3% 38.5%
White Female 45.4% 40.7%
Total Minority Male 37.7% 31.6%
Total Minority Female 31.4% 39.6%

Table 2: Three-year Completion Rates by Gender and Ethnic Classification by Sport

Sport  Student Group  Completion Rate Persistence Rate
Baseball  White Males 78.0% 22.0%
African-American Males*  20.0% 80.0%
Basketball White Males     
African-American Males 28.0%  67.0%
White Females* 33.0% 67.0%
African-American Females*  30.0%  70.0%
Track  African-American Males*  
African-American Females*  
All Other Sports* *  White Males  43.0%  57.0%
African-American Males*  0.0% 100.0%
White Females  40.0%  60.0%
 African-American Females*  0.0%  100.0%
* Not more than five students in the original cohort
** According to federal guidelines, all other sports for males include soccer and wrestling. All other sports for females include volleyball, softball and soccer.

Data Prepared By: Institutional Research & Planning office, St. Louis Community College Director John J. Cosgrove