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Those involved in the hiring process must review the OAT Tutorial prior to participation on a search committee.

At anytime during the hiring process and after the review of the OAT Tutorial, the hiring manager/designee/ participant are encouraged to contact the Employment Team with questions/concerns at 314-539-5210.

NON-EXEMPT POSITIONS (those positions eligible for overtime)

The hiring manager has the discretion to utilize / not utilize a search committee. If a search committee is not utilized by the hiring manager, it is recommended that s/he uses 1-2 individuals to assist in the process. The Employment Team, upon receipt of the approved job posting, will email to the hiring manager a packet which includes the hiring presentation procedures, the Employment Orientation booklet and other pertinent information to ensure that the hiring process is consistent and equitable.

EXEMPT POSITIONS (Faculty, Administrative, Professional and some Classified positions)

The hiring manager/designee shall contact the Employment Team to schedule a hiring presentation with the search committee. A member of the Employment Team will meet with the search committee to discuss the hiring process, bring applicable documents to ensure that the hiring process is consistent and equitable.

OAT Tutorials

Welcome to the Online Applicant Tracking (OAT) Tutorial.

OAT is used to post jobs and review and evaluate applicants.

The tutorial is designed to assist with the transition from paper to paperless and improve the overall effectiveness of the hiring process. Following are links to PowerPoint slides for you to review all or particular procedures within the hiring process. The PowerPoint slides have been developed as a means to walk you through the process and in certain areas there are relevant captures of the screens for easier understanding. 

Those involved in the hiring process should review the OAT User Guide PRIOR to participation in the hiring process.

PowerPoint tutorials are also available for certain tasks:

Tutorial Name PDF
1. OAT Introduction PDF
2. OAT Getting Started PDF
3. OAT Logging In PDF
4. OAT Applicant Postings Users PDF
5. OAT Creating Posting PDF
6. OAT Create Posting Supplemental Questions PDF
7. OAT Create Posting Assign Search Committee Members PDF
8. OAT Create Posting Ranking Criteria the Grid PDF
9. OAT Create Posting Work Flow Approval PDF
10. OAT Approve Postings PDF
11. OAT Evaluate Applicants Supplemental Questions PDF
12. OAT Evaluate Applicants Ranking Criteria PDF
13. OAT Evaluate Applicants Chair Search Committee PDF
14. OAT Evaluate Applicants Post Interview Evaluation PDF
15. OAT Moving Applicants in Work Flow PDF

Please review the tutorial for assistance in using the various areas of the OAT system. If you have questions or feedback afterwards, please contact a member of the Human Resources Employment Team from the list below.

Glenda Bajoras

Ashley McIntosh

Patricia Henderson