Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement

Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement

Associate in Applied Science (AAS),
Certificate of Proficiency (CP)

Offered through Human Services

@ Florissant Valley | Forest Park | Meramec | South County Education Center | Online

Students who enroll in this program will be prepared for entry-level employment in the criminal justice system. The program includes general education courses as well as concentrated coursework in law enforcement.

Required Courses

The recommended academic plan blends general education requirements with options for areas of concentration to ensure students get the most out of their certificate or degree. 

Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement (AAS)
Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement (CP)

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Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement (AAS)
Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement (CP)

Program Coordinator

Jennifer Moldthan-Lorentz





More than one million students have attended STLCC. It’s the largest institute of higher education in the region and the second largest in Missouri.


STLCC draws its faculty members from professional ranks, including judges, lawyers, police officers, detectives and federal agents. Students will learn from working professionals who take them far beyond the textbook and share insight into real cases.

Flexible Scheduling

STLCC gives you flexible options to fit your schedule. In addition to our online course schedule, evening classes are available on a rotating basis, and we also feature eight-week hybrid courses.

Hands-on Learning

STLCC covers hands-on job skills that others don’t teach. Students will gain a working knowledge of criminal law and procedures, constitutional law and rules of evidence and criminal investigations

The gainful employment regulation requires nondegree programs at community colleges to meet minimum thresholds with respect to the debt-to-income rates of their graduates. You can view the information for this program here as reported to the Department of Education.


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