Dual Credit

You take your high school courses seriously. So why not use your hard work to shave semesters—and some serious dollars—off your education. Earn college credit for what you’re already doing: taking challenging courses at your high school.

Dual Credit

Get a jump-start

You want to hit the ground running at college, we understand. You’re researching programs, comparing careers and creating a shortlist of organizations you are interested in joining. Why not get a jump-start on your core requirements too?

Earn college credit at your high school with dual credit

Dual credit lets you take certain high school classes for college credit. You apply and enroll through STLCC, but attend at your high school. These classes must meet the criteria of a similar course on campus. This ensures you’re getting a college-level experience that conveniently fits into your schedule.

Why Dual Credit?

Earn credits toward your diploma and degree.

We partner with local high schools to select certain classes for dual credit. This means you’re on track for graduation, while earning college credit from STLCC.

Forget online classes or commutes to campus.

This program makes earning credit easy. Your dual-credit classes are taught in your high school, by your teachers and alongside your classmates.

Save money today and tomorrow.

Even at highly-discounted rates, other programs cost around 60 percent more than our dual-credit program. But the real savings happen when you transfer the credits to a four-year university, saving hundreds of tuition dollars.

Start here. Go anywhere ...

When you choose STLCC, you choose credits that are designed to transfer. So when you move on to another college or university, you can trust the work you’ve put in will count.

… And get there sooner.

Our average dual-credit student averages six credit hours per semester. This means you could transfer in an entire semester of credits just from your senior year of high school. Whether it’s graduate school or jumping into the job market, dual credit helps get you there faster.

Who can apply?

To participate in our dual-credit program, you must have demonstrated you’re ready for college classes. We look for students who are high school:

  • Seniors and juniors with a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Sophomores with a 3.0 GPA or higher

To enroll, you'll need to receive written permission from one of your school’s administrators and a parent or guardian.

Cost of Dual Credit

Dual-credit courses typically cost as low as $25. Ask your high school counselor specific information about your classes. 

Enrolling in Dual Credit

Contact your high school counselor to learn what dual-credit courses are available at your high school. 

Applying to STLCC

Follow these eight steps to get set up for your first semester as a Dual Credit student:

  1. Apply - Your first step is to apply by completing the “dual credit” application.
  2. Get connected - Activate your MySTLCC username and email by entering your student number, last name and date of birth.
  3. Submit your consent form - Before you can begin classes, you must submit a Dual Credit Authorization form to your dual credit instructor or high school counselor.
  4. Send in your ACT scores or take a placement test - If you’ve taken your ACT or SAT, request that a copy of your scores is sent to STLCC-Registrar's office. If you don’t have an ACT/SAT score or it doesn’t meet our criteria, you can determine your best fit through tests at our Assessment Centers. Check with your high school's dual credit counselor or the Office of Dual Credit/Enrollment Partnerships at dualcredit@stlcc.edu or 636-422-2203.
  5. Submit your transcript - To enroll as a high school student, your high school counselor will need to submit your transcript to the STLCC Dual Credit/Enrollment Coordinator that services your high school.
  6. Jump-start Presentation - STLCC staff will visit your high school to provide a presentation that details the benefits of the program, course information and program policies. 
  7. Pay for your classes - After your Dual Credit Authorization Form has been received, you can pay for your classes in full by cash, check or credit card at the Cashier’s office on campus or online through Banner Self-Service.
  8. Get Acclimated! - Dual credit students are encouraged to utilize the library, computer labs and academic tutoring labs on campus. In order to take advantage of campus resources, students should visit Campus Life to obtain their student ID card.

Important Deadlines

Fall Classes begin

August 2018: Class start dates will be based upon individual school district's academic calendar

Dual Credit Drop Deadlines

Friday, September 7: Fall 2018 Term and Year-Long Classes
Friday, February 8: Spring  2019 Term Classes

Dual Credit Withdrawal Deadlines

Friday, November 9: Fall 2018 Term
Friday, March 1: Fall 2018 Year-Long
Friday, April 19: Spring 2019 Term

Contact the Dual Credit/Enrollment Partnerships Office

3400 Pershall Road
Ferguson, MO 63135

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