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St. Louis Community College offers a wide selection of nursing and allied health science courses and workshops. Courses are approved for continuing education credit as noted. Approval by another accrediting entity or for professional licensure is the sole responsibility of the participant.

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Medical Terminology for Nursing and Health Sciences Careers

This course will be offered 6/19 - 7/24. Medical terms and language are complex and often not easily understood. Nursing and allied health textbooks are filled with many words that have been derived from the combination of word forms with Latin suffixes and prefixes. Attend this course for a jump-start to learn the meaning of these complex words and to gain the extra edge when reading textbooks filled with medical language. Refund/withdraw deadline: 6/12.
AHCE:701 | 5 sessions | $51.50 AGE 60+ | $85 REG

Prep For Success In Nursing Workshop

Specially designed for students entering the STLCC Nursing Program in the fall 2019 semester, this workshop covers medical terminology, test-taking strategies, critical thinking and strategies for success. Registration/refund/withdrawal date: 5/29.
AHCE:701 | 1 session | $14 AGE 60+ | $25 REG

Accelerated training programs for health care careers.

Year-round, STLCC offers a variety of fast-track training programs for in-demand health care careers. What's more, many of our programs are offered in collaboration with an employer, giving you hands-on clinical exposure and a more direct opportunity for employment upon program completion. Funding assistance may be available.

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