Childcare Training

Childcare Training

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Offered through Continuing Education

A variety of workshops for those employed in the child care field or for those interested in learning more about working with children. Explore discipline, autism, and child abuse, along with childcare provider First Aid CPR AED.

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Discipline for Young Children

Learning to manage behavior with groups of children is always a challenge. You will learn techniques to diminish targeted behaviors and promote positive peer interactions.
CCPR:702 | $25 | SR $19
S01 | W 7-9 p.m. | Geraldine Jasper
June 13 | Forest Park - G Tower 113

New Using Your Brain: Conscious Discipline Techniques

Participants will learn about brain development and how to use this knowledge to apply Conscious Discipline techniques and understand the concept of the triune brain. Learn to shift from a compliance model of discipline to a relationship-based community model. Explore the seven skills of Conscious Discipline developing proactive techniques to use with children. Co-sponsored by St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association, Inc. Senior rate does not apply.
CCPR: 702 | $25
S03 | Tu 7-9 p.m.
June 19 | Meramec - SO 107

Child Safety and Supervision

A review of techniques to make supervision and safety a high priority in every childcare facility.
CCPR: 702 | $25 | SR $19
S04 | W 7-9 p.m. | Geraldine Jasper
June 20 | Meramec - SO 109

New Implementing Exercise and Nutrition for Young Children

Do you want to learn how to promote wellness in your classroom or home? Children need guidance with healthy eating and exercise opportunities preventing illness by adopting healthy lifestyles. Explore healthy meal preparation, nutrition, and exercise activities.
CCPR:703 | $25 | SR $19
S01 | Th 7-9 p.m.
June 7 | Florissant Valley - CDC 112

Nurturing Toddlers and Twos: Encouraging Self-Help Skills

Embrace those incredible independent toddlers and twos by implementing simple self-help skills in the classroom or home. 18-month olds wiping their own nose? Absolutely! Two-year olds helping make lunch? You bet! By allowing independence you will see less temper tantrums and more smiles.
CCPR:707 | $25 | SR $19
S05 | Th 7-9 p.m. | Katie Hertweck Elaina Mensinger
June 14 | Florissant Valley - CDC 112

Communicating with Young Children

Can you talk so children will listen? Do you really listen to children when they talk? Learn ways to improve your communication skills with the children that you care for. You’ll be surprised how much smoother your day will go.
CCPR:721 | $25 | SR $19
S06 | Th 7-9 p.m. | Geraldine Jasper
June 21 | Florissant Valley - CDC 110

Understanding Autism: Birth to Age 5

Characteristics of autism spectrum disorder and how symptoms can affect each child in a unique way will be discussed. You will learn methods for working with these children and available community resources. Co-sponsored by St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association, Inc. Senior rate does not apply.
CCPR:723 | $25
S07 | M 7-9 p.m.
June 18 | Forest Park - G Tower 113

Child Care Provider: Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED

The Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED course is designed to meet the regulatory requirements for child care workers in all fifty United States. It teaches child care providers to respond to and manage illnesses and injuries in a child or infant in the first few minutes until professional help arrives. It covers the four steps of first aid and first aid skills such as finding the problem, stopping bleeding, bandaging and using an epinephrine pen, as well as child CPR AED, infant CPR and optional modules in adult CPR AED, child mask, infant mask and Asthma Care Training for Child Care Providers. Registration one week prior to course start date is required. No transfers between sessions or refunds given within five business days of class date. Due to the nature of the course you must arrive on time. No admittance after stated start time. Bring a lunch. No refund for late arrival. Attendance Training Policy: As a quality training program, we are required by the DHSS Section for Licensing and Child Care Regulation training to follow specific guidelines for our sessions. Therefore, workshops listed expect participants to arrive on time, be fully present during the session, adhere to break schedules and attend the entire session. Any participant who does not adhere to these requirements will not receive a certificate or a refund. For Child Care Providers only. Child Care Providers needing Approved Clock Hours must enroll in this course.
CCPR:711 | $97 | SR $71
S01 | Sa 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
June 23 | Meramec - CE

Safety, Emergencies, Preparedness and Hazards in a Child Care Setting

This session will cover information that is being required for ALL child care employees whose center receives DSS subsidy! The following five different topics include: building and physical premises safety, fire safety, disaster preparation, handling and storage of hazardous materials, and protection for hazardous materials that include bodily harm. Session conducted by a certified hazardous materials instructor.
CCPR:765 | $39 | SR $27
SO9 | Sa 9 a.m.-1 p.m. | John Snider
June 23 | Meramec - SO 108

At the time of registration, adults 60 years and older may enroll in select courses for the reduced fee shown as the "SR" price. Reduction will be calculated at check-out in the online system.

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