Performing Arts: Dance

Performing Arts: Dance

Personal Enrichment

Offered through Continuing Education

Individually, with a partner, or as a group, explore ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, Latin dance fundamentals and more to help you get started on the dance floor.

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Ballet Tone and Stretch for Beginners

Beginning techniques of classical ballet will be combined with toning and stretching on center floor and barre for overall body conditioning. No prior ballet experience required. Leotard, leggings or tights and ballet shoes required. Studio is located behind a kitchen and bath design store. No class 7/3. Senior discount does not apply.
DANC:701 | $59
S01 M 7-8 p.m.
June 4 – July 9 ADIVA Dance Center

Ballet: Beginning

This fun class is designed for the student who has never studied ballet before or hasn’t taken a recent class. You’ll learn to utilize your center/core for strong ballet technique. The fun and exciting movement of ballet is a great way to get into shape with music and movement that is as good for the soul as it is for the body! Ballet shoes required. Senior discount does not apply.
DANC:701 | $69
S02 Th 7-8 p.m. Amanda Fedor
June 14 – August 2 The Studio, Inc.

Ballet: Intermediate

If you have studied classical ballet consistently, have a good understanding of basic barre work and centre work and are seeking to develop your technique, musicality, and artistry, this is the class for you! You’ll refine your technique at the barre, with emphasis on Cecchetti, Royale and Vaganova methods of technique. Centre combinations will be given, including leaps and turns. Ballet shoes and appropriate attire is required. Senior discount does not apply.
DANC:702 | $69
S01 M 8:15-9:15 p.m. Amanda Fedor
June 18 – August 6 The Studio, Inc.

Tap Dancing: Beginning

Designed for the beginner as well as someone with limited tap experience, basic tap steps and tap combinations will be taught as well as a tap routine. Develop your sense of movement while practicing basic rhythm tap techniques. A fun way to exercise! Do not purchase tap shoes until after first class. Studio is located behind a kitchen and bath design store. Senior discount does not apply.
Six Sessions | $59
S01 M 8-9 p.m.
June 4 – July 9 ADIVA Dance Center
Eight Sessions | $69
S02 Th 8-8:45 p.m. Amanda Fedor
June 14 – August 2 The Studio, Inc.

Egyptian Street Belly Dance

Egyptian Street Belly Dance is a new, exciting style known in the Arab world as mahragan sha’abi (Arabic for festival). This class is an introductory class to the core movements of belly dance and the Egyptian aesthetic, combined with modern hip hop-stylings and the contemporary movement vocabulary of present-day urban Egyptians. It is a street dance that emerged from post-revolution youth culture. It is characterized by a blend of indigenous, folkloric movements and modern hip-hop stylings. This is a high-energy dance with movements that are heavily based in the rhythm and take their gestural cues from the lyrics of the cutting-edge Egyptian electro-sha’abi music, also called mahragan. Students can expect to have fun, sweat, and learn about another culture! Prior belly dance experience is not necessary, but it is helpful. No class 6/28 and 7/5.
DANC:719 | $49 | SR $32
S01 Th 7-8 p.m. Amber Skye
May 31 – August 2 FP - PE, DANCE

The Salsa Experience: Beginning

Learn the authentic Latin Culture through the rhythmic sounds of Salsa music and dance. In just eight weeks, you will learn the history of Salsa, the origin of the dance, basic salsa steps, musicality skills, technique for men to become the perfect lead and ladies to be a fantastic follow. You will be moving and shaking in time for a class night at some of the hottest Latin dance spots in town! (Admissions and transportation on your own.) Couples are welcomed but no partner is required. On street parking; stairs-only access to dance studio in residential area. No class 7/3. Senior discount does not apply.
DANC:725 | $59
S01 Tu 6-7:30 p.m.
June 12 – July 24 Almas Del Ritmo Dance

The Latin Social Experience

Be a social butterfly with all the greatest Latin dance moves. This six-week class you will learn the different styles of Latin dance. From Salsa and Merengue to Bachata and Cha Cha Cha, you will be ready to steal the show on the dance floor at any of the hottest Latin social scenes in St. Louis. No class 7/4. Senior discount does not apply.
DANC:725 | $59
S02 W 7-8 p.m.
June 13 – July 25 Almas Del Ritmo Dance

Easy Social Dancing I and II

In this fun class, you’ll learn how to look good and move with confidence on the dance floor. Start at the beginning or come back for a refresher and add some new moves to what you already know. It’s fun, it’s social, and you’ll be out in the center of it all when the music starts playing at your next social gathering. You’ll get help learning how to dance on the beat of the music; the best form for body positioning, posture and balance; how to lead and follow; how to spin (!), plus lots of great tips and ideas geared especially for each individual and couple. You’ll practice forms of Swing, Slow, Latin and even Freestyle, if you like. Great music, lots of fun and all you need to know for your next social event or night on the town. Partners preferred. Fee is per person. Dress shoes recommended. No tennis shoes.
DANC:728 | $69 | SR $47
S01 M 6:30-8 p.m. Sherry Martin
June 4 – July 9 Concordia Luth.-Krkwd

East Coast Swing

East Coast Swing is the most popular dance in St. Louis. There are more Swing dance venues here, than any other form of couple dancing. Taught by a three-time St. Louis City Jitterbug Champion, you’ll learn the basic six-count pattern, lots of great combinations, timing, technique, styling, and how to spin. You will learn, lead and follow patterns, plus lots of tips. Don’t miss this! No class 5/30, 7/4.
DANC:740 | $69 | SR $47
S01 W 6:30-8 p.m. Sherry Martin
May 23–July 11 Concordia Luth.-Krkwd

Electric Slide: Beginning

Slide dancing is a fun, energetic way to get your exercise. People of all ages can have a lot of fun moving to great music and making new friends, too! If you’ve never tried slide dancing, or you haven’t danced this style in a while and would like a refresher, this is the class for you. Our instructor will start at the beginning and take you to fantastic! No experience required. No class 7/7.
DANC:749 | $59 | SR $38
S01 Sa 10-10:50 a.m. Nigeria King
June 9 – July 21 FP - PE, DANCE

Slide Dancing for Fun and Fitness: Beginning

Come learn the latest party slide dances in the St. Louis area and around the nation. Imagine yourself joining in the fun at parties and social events when the slide dancers take to the floor. After taking this class, you will be able to do just that! Explicit instructions will make slide dancing easy to learn. Slide dancing is a fun way to exercise, reduce stress, and enjoy friendships. No class 7/7.
DANC:749 | $59 | SR $38
S02 Sa 10-11 am Stephanie Crusoe
June 9 – July 21 FV-SC, Cafe

At the time of registration, adults 60 years and older may enroll in select courses for the reduced fee shown as the "SR" price. Reduction will be calculated at check-out in the online system.

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