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Discover, sample and expand your artistic talent with craft classes, needlecraft, weaving, knit and crochet, glass and ceramic, papercraft, and metals and blacksmithing classes. STLCC offers a great selection of craft classes in St. Louis.

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Perfect Picnic

Join us to make a picnic basket crafts class just in time for the summer season. It starts with a 12”x16” wood handle and ends with a wood lid that you will custom make to fit your basket. The basket has an almost solid bottom so that none of your goodies fall out. Colored accent rows will be added to personalize your basket.
CRFT:734 | 1 session | $75 AGE 60+ | $89 REG

Floral Arrangement

NEW! Fresh Floral Arrangement 101

In this hands on crafts class you will explore the basics of floral arrangement and design. Learn the tips, tricks and trade secrets of florists that will help you to create beautiful floral arrangements at home. You will take home your own fresh floral arrangement in a vase. All materials provided.
CRFT:765 | 1 session | $40 AGE 60+ | $45 REG

Glass and Ceramics

Mosaic Garden Stones

Learn to use broken plates and forgotten tiles in this crafts class to create a beautiful DIY mosaic. Learn how to cut tile and glass and mix up Portland cement and sand to make your own cast concrete. This workshop will teach you the basics so you can use your skills for any future project. Each participant will create a unique stepping stone to take home to their outdoor spaces. All materials provided. You are welcome to bring in broken ceramic and glass to use in your mosaic.
CRFT:740 | 1 session | $45 AGE 60+ | $45 REG

Mosaic Birdhouse

Learn how to apply mosaic glass to the roof and at least two sides of a ceramic-glazed birdhouse in this crafts class. You will complete your mosaic birdhouse by grouting the second week. Your completed birdhouse will be a beautiful handmade addition to any garden! All materials included.
CRFT:740 | 2 sessions | $69 AGE 60+ | $69 REG

Firework Platter

Paint your own fireworks platter and steal the show this 4th of July! The instructor will guide you through different painting techniques and assist you in creating your own masterpiece to enjoy for years to come. The platter will be food-safe and ready for pick-up one week after class once it has been fired.
CRFT:741 | 1 session | $49 AGE 60+ | $49 REG

Whimsical Flower Pot

Paint a ceramic flowerpot and tray with flowers, grass, sun, clouds, butterflies, ladybugs, caterpillars, bees or any combination in this crafts class . Choose your own colors. The completed flower pot will be suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Your plants will thank you for a unique personalized home. Pieces will be fired and ready for pickup at the shop one week after the class. The fee includes all materials and firing.
CRFT:741 | 1 session | $49 AGE 60+ | $49 REG

Stained Glass: Sun Catcher

In this beginner’s workshop for those curious about stained glass, students will be introduced to the process of making a stained glass piece. Includes an explanation of equipment and terminology. Learn the techniques for cutting and grinding, copper foiling and soldering your own sun catcher. All materials included.
CRFT:740 | 1 session | $79 AGE 60+ | $79 REG

Metal Work

Beginning Blacksmith: Create a Wall Mount J-Hook

A blacksmith creates objects from wrought iron or steel by forging metal and using tools to hammer, bend and cut to create useful items. In this introductory class, come explore the craft of blacksmithing to make your very own wall mount J-hook! Learn the proper use of blacksmithing tools including proper fire and forge control while you hammer and twist steel in the traditional blacksmith medium. You will be exposed to hot steel being hammered, causing sparks that may come in contact with your clothing. Please wear protective clothing. Your arms and legs should be covered and you must wear closed-toed shoes. Gloves and safety glasses will be provided and limited shop aprons are available on-site.
CRFT:753 | 1 session | $89 AGE 60+ | $89 REG

Copper Chasing: Leaves

Metalsmithing is one of the oldest metalworking occupations, producing useful items such as tools, kitchenware, tableware, jewelry and more for centuries! Learn how to cold hammer copper and apply the technique of copper chasing to create images in copper plates. All materials included in cost of the class.
CRFT:753 | 2 sessions | $99 AGE 60+ | $99 REG

Metalsmithing: Beginning Techniques For Jewelry

Learn the fundamental metalsmithing techniques for making jewelry. Basic metal manipulation skills including sawing, forming and shaping, filing, sanding, soldering and polishing will be taught. You will make two finished pieces – a cuff bracelet and a pendant with a simple stone setting. Acquire the basic building blocks needed for jewelry design. No experience necessary. Students who have had previous experience working with metal may move onto more advanced projects. Tools and metal supplied in class fee.
CRFT:753 | 7 sessions | $162.50 AGE 60+ | $225 REG


Swimsuit Edition

Learn the difference between the many stretch fabrics and which to use for swimsuits. Practice sewing lycra and learn how to put in elastic. Begin sewing a swimsuit in the second class. Experience in sewing necessary for this class. Bring swimsuit fabric to first class if you have it.
CRFT:713 | 2 sessions | $40 Age 60+ | $69 REG

Introduction to Your Sewing Machine

Sewing machines can be a bit intimidating. Like any other tool, once you become familiar with its pieces and parts you will have more success (and fun!) using it to your advantage. Discover the basic parts and functions of the sewing machine. This crash course will cover threading the machine and bobbin, adjusting tension, adjusting the stitch width and length and basic sewing language. You will leave with a finished project and substantial sewing machine knowledge. All materials provided. Students may bring their own sewing machine or use one that belongs to the site.
CRFT:713 | 1 session | $35 AGE 60+ | $35 REG

Mending 101

Learn how to mend your pants, blouse or jacket. Bring your clothing and master the skills to hem pants, sew on buttons, put on patches and fix zippers. Learn valuable and money-saving skills with sewing machines and hand sewing. No experience necessary.
CRFT:713 | 1 session | $29 AGE 60+ | $29 REG

NEW! Home Base Door Decor

Hit a home run with this burlap door hanger in the shape of a baseball diamond. Using outdoor-friendly fabric, batting and paints, craft an adorable front door sign that will last for many seasons to come.
CRFT:765 | 1 session | $49 AGE 60+ | $49 REG

Thread Painting

Create your own masterpiece using fabric, yarn and thread on a sewing machine, and take home a 10”x10” work of art that can be hung on a wall or used as a hot pad. No sewing experience needed. All materials and use of sewing machines provided at class.
CRFT:713 | 1 session | $29 AGE 60+ | $29 REG

Recline and Read: Make Your Own Book Pillow

Make the perfect accessory for on-the-go reading in this pillow book class! You will take home a 12”x12” square pillow that features a pocket to store books. Several fun fabric options are available for you to choose from and you will have a great time creating a handy and comfortable item to encourage reading in and out of the home. All materials are provided.
CRFT:713 | 1 session | $35 AGE 60+ | $35 REG

Custom Wrist Key Fob

Give your keys a fashion statement when you place them on this beautiful and practical key fob that fits around your wrist. Learn several new sewing skills while making something you are sure to enjoy using for years to come. All materials provided.
CRFT:713 | 1 session | $29 AGE 60+ | $29 REG

NEW! Wine and Wallets

The only thing more fun than sewing an adorable zippered wallet is doing it with your favorite drink! Learn how to make a small pouch perfect for on-the-go organization. Skills include installing a zipper, and there are a selection of fun fabrics to choose from! Join us for this fabulous Friday and learn new skills while sipping on drinks. Bring your own wine or beverage of your choice and leave with a new wallet! Ages 21+ only.
CRFT:713 | 1 session | $29 AGE 60+ | $29 REG


Knit in a Day

Join us for a crash course in knitting and learn the basics in one day! Explore skills including casting on, knitting, purling, pattern reading, cabling and binding off. After this class, you will be ready to impress with your knitting skills. Knitting is a great way to relax and unwind, as well as a way to make cherished items for those in your life.
CRFT:722 | 1 session | $41 AGE 60+ | $55 REG

Knitting 101: Beginning Techniques for All Seasons

Knitting isn’t just for making winter garments and accessories. Use linen, silk and lighter threads and yarns to make projects and garments that will be useful all year round. Cover the basics – casting on, increasing and decreasing, finishing, a variety of stitches and more. Get lots of information and tips for future projects as well as help reading patterns. You may bring unfinished projects or start a new project. All levels welcome.
CRFT:720 | 3 sessions | $41 AGE 60+ | $55 REG

Knitting: The Next Step

Level up your knitting skills with this fun and interactive class where you will learn skills beyond the basic knitting and purling. Learn techniques for increasing and decreasing, making lace, cabling, fixing mistakes and simple pattern reading. Supply list sent. Prerequisite: Knitting 101 or equivalent experience.
CRFT:722 | 3 sessions | $41 AGE 60+ | $55 REG


Crochet I

Learn to crochet basic stitches—single, double and treble—and to decrease, increase and change colors. Make a simple piece and get help reading patterns. This class is best for beginning students or those who have crocheted before, but long ago. Supply list sent.
CRFT:724 | 2 sessions | $32.50 AGE 60+ | $49 REG

Tunisian Crochet I

Tunisian crochet uses an elongated hook, often with a stopper on the handle end, called a Tunisian or Afghan hook. It is sometimes considered to be a mixture of crocheting and knitting. Some techniques used in knitting are also applicable in Tunisian crochet. Tunisian crochet has the look of knitting and uses similar stitches to crocheting, so if you can knit or crochet you will pick it up quickly. Learn the Tunisian foundation row, simple stitch, knit stitch, purl stitch, increasing and decreasing, color changes, binding off and reading patterns and charts. Supply list sent.
CRFT:724 | 2 sessions | $32.50 AGE 60+ | $49 REG


Weaving: Table Runner

A beginning class for those interested in weaving. You will work on a four-shaft pre-loaded table top loom. Table runner will be made with cotton. Students will be allowed to pick from multiple colors for the runner. Student will learn basic weaving techniques in tabby and twill. All materials included.
CRFT:713 | 2 sessions | $89 AGE 60+ | $89 REG

Embroidery: Design and Stitch

Embroidery doesn’t have to be dancing dishes or kittens in mittens! In this three week class, you will create a pair of pillowcases that fits your personality. You’ll focus on creating your own designs and using the many resources available to find unique patterns that inspire you. Learn different techniques for transferring designs that are easy and effective. Discover different stitches from basic to advanced. Everyone will work together, but each will have a very personalized end product. Please bring a pair of scissors to class; all supplies are included in the cost of the class and will be yours to take home to use again and again. No prior experience necessary.
CRFT:728 | 3 sessions | $70 AGE 60+ | $95 REG

NEW! Macramé and Merlot

Macramé—it’s “knot” like the ‘70s! Taking the home décor world by storm are these knotted hanging baskets for your houseplants. Get your vintage craft skills on by making a macramé plant holder while enjoying a glass of your favorite beverage. Make this into a group outing with your friends to create macramé and memories that you will cherish. Bring your own beverage of choice. Ages 21+ only.
CRFT:713 | 1 session | $29 AGE 60+ | $29 REG

Rag Rugs from T-Shirts

Discover several ways to transform your old t-shirts into area rugs. We will cut them up and begin a rug using your choice of weaving, knitting, sewing or braiding. No sewing experience necessary. Bring four or five old t-shirts; other supplies provided.
CRFT:713 | 1 session | $39 AGE 60+ | $39 REG

Batik Wax

Learn the ancient art of batik while experimenting with natural dyes! With batik, melted beeswax is used to create a resist pattern on fabric, which can then be re-dyed leaving the parts covered in wax undisturbed while the rest of the fabric is colored. Participants will experiment with various tools and techniques for creating pattern on salvaged fabric, including tjanting tools, metal stamps and brushed wax. Then everyone will learn to work with a natural dye bath to create a beautiful and unique piece of fabric. All materials provided.
CRFT:765 | 1 session | $45 AGE 60+ | $45 REG

Paper Crafts

Summer Stampin’

Join us once a month to create a collection of fabulous cards. Each month you will create five cards using different stamping techniques, ending in late July, with a total of 10 hand-crafted unique cards to use throughout the year! Fee includes most materials. Supply list sent. Last day to enroll or drop is 5/24; no refunds after that date.
CRFT:742 | 2 sessions | $41.50 AGE 60+ | $59 REG

Waterfall Scrapbook

Learn to create a custom waterfall scrapbook—perfect as a gift or to keep for yourself to show off your family. Who doesn’t love a brag book full of pictures? We incorporate stamping techniques, embellishments and more to create this one-of-a-kind book. Scrapbook completed in class; simply add your pictures when you get home. Fee includes most materials. Supply list will be sent. Last day to enroll or drop is 7/12; no refunds after that date.
CRFT:742 | 1 session | $43 AGE 60+ | $59 REG

Suminagashi: Japanese Paper Marbling

Learn to make beautiful marbled paper using the ancient Japanese art of suminagashi. Discover the secrets to marbling using a simple floating ink process. Take home sheets of marbled paper to turn into cards, book covers, works of art or anything your heart desires. You’ll also take home your own marbling kit and pan to do hundreds of more designs. Supplies included. Dress appropriately to work with ink and water.
CRFT:742 | 1 session | $58 AGE 60+ | $69 REG


Wine Bottle Upcycle

Do you have a hard time recycling beautiful glass bottles? Transform your used wine bottles into a self-watering planter. Learn safe ways to cut glass bottles using techniques you can replicate at home. Learn an easy and eco-friendly way to remove adhesive residue with SoyGel. In class you’ll practice scoring and cutting glass with a custom glass cutter tool in combination with a hot/cold water bath. Decorate your home with these upcycled creations, or give as a handmade gift.
CRFT:765 | 1 session | $45 AGE 60+ | $45 REG

Eco-Friendly Furniture Restoration Demo

In this demonstration and talk, learn tips on repairing joints and refinishing surfaces… all with the earth in mind! Through hands-on demonstrations you’ll learn all about natural paints, stains and waxes. Learn to add a pop of color to your projects with milk paint, mix and apply a fresh coat of signature wood wax and cook up natural stain from walnuts. You’ll leave this workshop with the knowledge to add a whole new look to your furniture without harming the environment or compromising your health.
CRFT:765 | 1 session | $35 AGE 60+ | $35 REG

Introduction to Upholstery: Dining Room Chair

Get a hands-on introduction to basic upholstery as you explore the tricks to re-covering the seat of an old dining room chair and learn to create a new seat structure with webbing. Plus, you’ll leave with your own handmade webbing stretcher. You may bring in one or two dining room chairs from your set to practice reupholstering. The class will work in small groups. All materials provided.
CRFT:713 | 1 session | $39 AGE 60+ | $39 REG


Introduction to Wood Burning
Customize your woodworking projects with wood-burned accents. From lettering to stamping, wood-burning is a great skill to transform various types of wood into unique pieces that everyone will ask about. Experiment with different wood-burning tips and learn tricks for a successful finished project. No experience necessary. You will leave with a few wood-burned samples, including a keychain and other bits of salvaged wood. All materials provided.
CRFT:765 | 1 session | $45 AGE 60+ | $45 REG


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