Meramec Alum Finds Success as UMSL Police Officer

Friday, October 4, 2019


Amanda Schmidt, a St. Louis Community College alum, is a police officer at University of Missouri-Saint Louis. Amanda Schmidt, a St. Louis Community College alum, is a police officer at University of Missouri-Saint Louis.

Schmidt started her journey at STLCC in 2011. She had the opportunity to use the benefits of the Missouri A+ Scholarship Program (A+), a two-year scholarship given to eligible high-school graduates to attend participating community colleges or vocational schools.

“When I was about to finish high school, I was worried because the only way to go to college was to get grants or loans,” she said. “I was so relieved when that year, the A+ program was approved for high schools. After I qualified for the program, I began looking into colleges and chose STLCC-Meramec.”

“Best decision ever,” she said.

In addition to the A+ scholarship, Schmidt qualified for several other scholarships at STLCC.

“Those scholarships helped me so much,” she added.

While at the Meramec campus, Schmidt met a lot faculty and staff that made a big impact.

“I had the most wonderful teachers,” she said. “I struggled with math, but I had a math professor who always went above and beyond to help me. She always had a happy and positive attitude, no matter what.”

Schmidt also found support through the College’s Access office, having been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) at a young age.

“The Access office gave me the support I needed to succeed in all my classes,” she said. “They not only provided me testing accommodation, but also guided and helped me throughout my time at STLCC.”

A full-time employee at UMSL, Schmidt is also working on her bachelor’s degree in physical education at the college.

“It is funny when students see me one day as a police officer with all my gear on, and the next day they see me as a civilian in the classroom,” she said.

These days, Schmidt is looking forward to the future. Her goal is to combine her two passions, law enforcement and teaching, into a career. Whatever she ends up doing, she’s grateful for the attention and support she received at STLCC.

“STLCC gives you the tools that you needed to grow and to be successful,” she said. “At STLCC, I learned to manage most of my struggles. Now, I can do things that I thought I could have never done, and most importantly, I no longer have to take medication.”

“I am forever grateful,” she added.

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