Missouri State Programs

Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program

This is a need-based program designed to provide students with a simplified financial aid process, provide predictable, portable awards, and increase access to a student's school of choice. Eligibility is determined by the student's expected family contribution (EFC) as calculated through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Beginning with the 2007-2008 academic year, the Access Missouri program replaced the Charles Gallagher Student Financial Assistance and Missouri College Guarantee programs.

Missouri Higher Education Academic "Bright Flight" Scholarship Program

Bright Flight is a program administered by the state of Missouri that provides scholarships to Missouri residents. This merit-based program encourages top-ranking high school seniors to attend approved Missouri postsecondary schools. To be eligible, you must have a composite score on the ACT or the SAT in the top 3 percent of all Missouri students taking those tests, be a graduating high school senior (or equivalent) who enrolls as a first-time, full-time student in an approved Missouri postsecondary school, be a Missouri resident and a U.S. citizen or an eligible noncitizen. You must achieve a qualifying composite test score by the scheduled June ACT or SAT assessment dates. You must receive the scholarship during the academic year immediately following your senior year in high school to maintain eligibility. Your eligibility must be renewed each academic year by the school you plan to attend.

A+ Program

The A+ program is a Missouri state grant that begins in participating Missouri high schools. Below are the guidelines for participation.


The Missouri Department of Higher Education has implemented changes to the Missouri A+ Program for fall 2011 that may affect your A+ award.

Be aware that if you withdraw from a course after classes begin this fall, the withdrawn credit hours will be deducted from your A+ funding for your next term of enrollment.

Please talk to someone in financial aid before withdrawing from a class to determine how it will affect your future A+ funding.

Eligible Programs of Study

A+ eligible students must enroll in a degree program of study leading to a Certificate, Associate in Applied Science degree or an Associate in Arts degree. Admission to STLCC does not guarantee acceptance into all programs of study.

Timeline Eligibility for A+ Student

A+ eligible students may receive financial incentives for up to a maximum of six (6) academic terms in which they pursue an approved STLCC program of study. Terms include fall/spring semesters and summer term. Students have forty-eight (48) months to use their six (6) terms of eligibility beginning with their class graduation date, or the completion of their first associate degree.

Items Covered by A+ Funds

The A+ program will cover maintenance fees, including parking. Certain items such as lab fees, supplemental textbooks and supply items will not be covered. Students will be responsible for these costs.

Federal Financial Aid

Students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each academic year. Check with the Financial Aid office for specific deadlines. If students are eligible for a Federal Pell Grant or any other form of federal assistance that does not require repayment as determined by the FAFSA, these funds will be applied to the student's STLCC account first. Any covered costs that remain will be billed to the A+ program.

Initial Eligibility

Students may begin initial enrollment at STLCC during the semester/term (i.e. fall or spring) following the official spring graduation date of their respective senior class. Students must be enrolled full time (minimum 12 credit hours) during the fall and spring semesters. Should students enroll in the summer session, they must follow the STLCC policy concerning full-time status, six (6) hours during this term and may have to be handled as a reimbursement.

Continuation of Eligibility

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours (full time) per semester for fall and spring or the equivalent for summer term. A 2.5 cumulative GPA, on a 4.0 scale, must also be maintained.

Losing Eligibility

A+ students who do not complete required credit hours for full-time student status and/or have a cumulative GPA below 2.5, or receive an "I" or "PR" on their grade card will lose eligibility for A+ funding.

Reinstatement of Eligibility

A+ students who have lost eligibility for funding may be reinstated if they enroll in subsequent terms and earn sufficient credit hours and/or cumulative GPA to remove the deficits.  Students are responsible for all costs incurred during terms of enrollment in which reinstatement is being sought.  Once the deficits have been removed, and prior to enrollment as an A+ student, they must notify the Financial Aid office and request reinstatement by the current deadline.

Transfer from an Ineligible Institution to STLCC

A+ students who transfer from an ineligible postsecondary institution to STLCC may qualify for A+ funding if they meet all A+ requirements for continuation of eligibility. GPA and credit hours earned will be used to determine eligibility. Students who fail to meet A+ requirements will need to meet the reinstatement qualifications.

Transfer from an Eligible Institution to STLCC

A+ students who transfer from an eligible postsecondary institution to STLCC may qualify for A+ funding if they meet all A+ requirements for continuation of eligibility.  GPA and credit hours earned with A+ funding will be used to determine eligibility.  Students who fail to meet A+ requirements will need to meet the reinstatement qualifications.

High School Dual College Credit

High school dual college credit courses are not eligible for A+ funding. Credits earned from previous dual credit classes will not be calculated in cumulative GPA for purposes of A+ eligibility.

Concurrent Enrollment at Eligible Post Secondary Institutions

Students may be concurrently enrolled at eligible postsecondary institutions and receive A+ funding if they meet all A+ student requirements of STLCC.

Special Needs Students

The number of credit hours required and other accommodations may be made as deemed appropriate by the counselor for special needs students.

Students Enrolled in Developmental Courses

Developmental courses at STLCC such as ENG:020, RDG:020 and MTH: 020 qualify for A+ funding.

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