Financial Aid FAQs

Financial Aid Status

Q: How do students know if the college has received their FAFSA information?

A: After the FAFSA is received by the college, new students will receive a paper tracking letter and an email sent to their college email account. Continuing students will receive an email notification. The tracking letter will introduce students to their assigned Financial Aid counselor as well as inform them of their requirements.

Q: How do students stay abreast of their financial aid status?

A: Students should check their student email and Banner Self-Service regularly (we suggest at least once a week). For financial aid students, student email and Banner Self-Service are primary means of communication. Students are notified of information received by the Financial Aid Office, information being requested, processing status, corrections, deadline dates and important announcements/changes for current and future semesters.

Effective Fall 2015, all financial aid students will have an assigned Financial Aid counselor. Assigned counselors will see students through the financial aid process from beginning to end. Financial Aid counselor caseload information is available on the Financial Aid website and in Student Service departments at all campus locations.

Q: How can students get a copy of their Financial Aid Award?

A: Students can receive this information through their Banner Self-Service.


Q: How will students know if financial aid will pay for their books?

A: Eligible students will have an STLCC book account and can purchase their books in the campus bookstore. Students will receive an email notification if they are eligible for a book account. Book credit is determined by how much aid a student receives and how many credits they are enrolled in, however book accounts MAY NOT cover the total cost of books.

All students are responsible for knowing the deadline for their financial aid book accounts. If a student has late start classes they are required to purchase their books ahead of time.


Q: How will students know if they are eligible to receive a refund?

A: Financial aid will be applied to a student's account to cover maintenance, required fees, and bookstore charges. After financial aid has been applied to the student's account to cover their charges, students with remaining credit balances will receive a refund.

Q: How can students check the status of their refunds?

A: Students who are eligible to receive a refund can check the financial aid website and Credit Enrollment Guide for the current semester or speak with their Financial Aid counselor.

Q: How do students receive their refunds?

A: Ensure that students have obtained and activated their STLCC OneCard. Remaining credit balances are deposited to the student's STLCC OneCard according to the student's preference selection.

Q: When will refunds disburse for students with late start classes?

A: Students will receive a prorated refund based on individual class start dates. Attendance must be reported in each class by the student's instructor.

Summer Aid

Q: Are students eligible for Financial Aid in the summer?

A: Please refer students to their Financial Aid Counselor for information regarding summer funding. In some circumstances, it may be possible for students to receive Pell Grant funding if they haven't exhausted all their Pell Grant funds for the year.

For questions regarding federal loans and work study, students should speak with their Financial Aid counselor!

Q: When will students receive their refunds for summer?

A: For students eligible for summer aid, please refer them to their Financial Aid counselor for refund information.

General Questions

Q: Why do students need an Online Financial Aid Course Audit Verification (CAV)?

A: The CAV provides information regarding the student's registered courses and if the courses are needed for a students declared major or degree program.

Based on the CAV, financial aid only pays for courses needed for the student's current program of study at St. Louis Community College.

A student must complete a new CAV's every time they register for a new classes or change their major.

Q: Are non-degree seeking students eligible for financial aid?

A: No, students have to be degree seeking students at St. Louis Community College to obtain financial aid.

Q: Do students need to make an appointment to see a Financial Aid Counselor?

A: No, counselors are available from 8-7 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on Friday.

Q: Are students required to be full time to receive financial aid?

A: No, it differs for each student. Some students need to be enrolled full -time to receive funding, while others can be enrolled half time or less and have funds to cover their maintenance and required fees. Please have students see their Financial Aid counselor for more information to determine how many hours are required for them to receive aid.

Q: What if a student wants or has to drop a class?

A: It is strongly recommended that students speak with their Financial Aid counselor before making schedule changes.

For additional questions regarding Financial Aid, please refer students to their assigned Financial Aid counselor for additional assistance.

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