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Frequently Asked Questions


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Using the Account

Spam Management

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   Why use the my.stlcc.edu student e-mail?
My.stlcc.edu student e-mail was created to provide students and faculty a reliable method of communication. It is the official channel for college communications to keep you posted on Blackboard, course work, assignments, financial aid, registration deadlines, library holds and overdue notices, and other important information.

   What is included with the my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account?
The my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account is rich services to be used through graduation and beyond. It includes the following features:

  • E-mail with 50GB of storage space, 25MB message size including up to 20MB attachments
  • Protect your email from spam and viruses
  • Web-based interface with folders and preview pane, access via POP, and forwarding capability
  • Work from almost anywhere with automatically updated email, calendar, and contacts across devices you use most, including desktop and notebook computers running Windows and Mac, as well as smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android.
  • Connect with Microsoft Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2011 for Mac and use all of the rich functionality you already know and use, whether you are connected to the Internet at home, at school or if you are working offline 

   Does the program include contact management and calendar?
Yes, an address book, a calendar and calendar-sharing are included. My.stlcc.edu student e-mail also supports iCal, so students can send meeting requests to e-mail systems supporting iCal. For example, students can send calendar invites to Microsoft Exchange Server users (the college's faculty and staff e-mail system) and vice versa.

   What other Microsoft services are included in the my.stlcc.edu student e-mail?
Admitted credit students have access only to email and calendaring until they register.

Students registered for credit courses also have access to:

  • Office Online - Create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents from any modern browser.  The list of web applications continues to grow.
  • Office Suite - install the latest version of Office on up to five devices.
  • Mobile apps for Windows, iOS and Android.
  • OneDrive for Business - 1 TB of personal document storage for as long as your are a student, and easily share documents with others.
  • Skype for Business - The instant messaging service formerly called Lync is not available to all students.  IM your classmates and join online meetings with instructors.

   Can students access my.stlcc.edu student e-mail accounts via the Mac? How about Safari and Firefox?
Yes, Macs can access my.stlcc.edu student e-mail accounts via a full mail client like Outlook, or via web browser.  The best experience on a Mac may be obtained through the Chrome browser, but Firefox and Safari are good for most features.  Be sure to update to the latest version of any browser you're using.

   How can I find out the address for my individual my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account?
It can be viewed by clicking on the "What is my Student E-mail Address? Find Out!" button on the right-hand column of this page. More information is available at Getting Started.

   How do I get to my individual my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account?
Go to https://www.outlook.com/my.stlcc.edu or click on the "LOGIN!" button at the top right on this Web page.

   What is my password for my.stlcc.edu student e-mail?
Your email password should be the same as your MySTLCC ID password, but will never be the "Anumber followed by #" value as that is only for picking your own password. The step-by-step process to do this is at Getting Started.

   What if I receive an error message while logging into my individual my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account?
The initial activation requires you to correctly enter your my.stlcc.edu e-mail address and your MySTLCC ID password.

If you receive the following error message, "The e-mail address or password is incorrect. Please try again," here are some simple troubleshooting solutions for common mistakes.

  • Make sure you've typed the period (.) after the "my" in the domain name - @my.stlcc.edu
  • Make sure you've typed the "t" in the domain name @my.stlcc.edu
  • Make sure you've entered your MySTLCC ID password. 

Still having problems? Contact the Campus Life office for assistance, or the IT Help Desk at 314-539-5113.

   When does a my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account get deleted?
At this time, your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account is not deleted when you leave the institution. However, with the migration to Office 365, this rule may change. More information will provided as it become available.

   Do new e-mail messages sent to a dormant my.stlcc.edu student
e-mail account "bounce?"
No,  when an account goes dormant, it doesn't bounce -emails back. If you are not planning to check the mailbox daily, we recommend that you enter a forward rule to your personal account, or add an Out of Office message,  or both.

   What happens to my individual my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account when I graduate or stop taking courses at the college?
One advantage of your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account is that you won't have to abandon or export your e-mail, contacts or calendar items when you graduate or stop taking courses. You can continue to use the account and its services after you graduate if you wish.

   Is the my.stlcc.edu address required in Blackboard?
Yes, your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account will automatically be used in Blackboard. It also will be used for all official communication from the college including registration deadlines, assignments, course work, financial aid information, library holds and overdue notices, and other important information. Any prior personal e-mail accounts you may have used with the college or have registered in Banner Self-Service will no longer be accessed, so be sure to check your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account frequently.

   When is the my.stlcc.edu student-mail account created?
Your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account information is created in Banner and sent to Microsoft within an hour after you are admitted into St. Louis Community College.  Microsoft usually creates the account within a matter of minutes, but in rare instances can take much longer if many new accounts are created at the same time.

   How long before I can use my new individual my.stlcc.edu e-mail account?
Your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account should be available within an hour after you are admitted except when there is a rare delay in the Office 365 service. If you are new to the college, give it a little time and try accessing it again later.  If it still isn't working, contact the IT Help Desk at 314-539-5113 to investigate.

   What happens if I change my name?
If you wish to change your name on your my.stlcc.edu student email account due to marriage or some other life event, you must visit the Admissions/Registration office to update your information. You will receive your new my.stlcc.edu student e-mail and MySTLCC ID from the Admissions/Registration office immediately, and within an hour, you will be able to log in to your student email account with your new email address using your existing password.

The name change will also affect your Banner Self-Service and Blackboard log in.  It is best not to have your username updated during critical points in the semester when assignments and tests are due in Blackboard.

Using the Account

   Can I forward my e-mail out of the my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account into another account?
Yes. But if you forward your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail to another account, faculty/staff e-mails may get caught and eliminated by the spam filters used by the receiving account.

The anti-spam filters only apply to e-mails sent to my.stlcc.edu student
e-mail accounts. The addresses of the mail servers associated with faculty and staff e-mail are automatically safe-listed to ensure you receive all e-mail from the College. As a result, e-mails from those servers will always get through to your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account.

Also note that forwarded e-mail is not stored in sent items, and so you may have no record of it in my.stlcc.edu student email inbox depending on how you configure the forwarding.

   Is there any restriction on the maximum number of e-mails I may send per day?
The limit you can send out of my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account is 500
e-mails per day. Each e-mail is essentially an alias in the To…, Cc…, or Bcc… line. That means you can send 100 mails to five people or five messages to 100 people. You can receive unlimited emails per day (up to the remaining storage limit). For more details, visit the message and recipient limits page.

Note: E-mails sent between users in the my.stlcc.edu domain do not count against the daily maximum.

   Will Microsoft provide restoration of e-mail accidentally deleted?
Deleted e-mails are moved to the trash folder where you can retrieve them for up to 14 days later. After that, the email is deleted from the servers and cannot be restored. You may use client software such as Microsoft's free client (or one of your own choice) or Office Outlook 2010/2013 to keep data backed up for individual archival and data recovery purposes.

   Can I search my individual my.stlcc.edu student email account?
Yes. There are a variety of useful and powerful, searching capabilities available to my.stlcc.edu student e-mail users through the Web and rich clients - the Outlook client can also take advantage of Microsoft's operating system search capabilities for integrated desktop search.

   How can I use mail clients such as Thunderbird and Outlook with my.stlcc.edu student email?
Users can use POP or the Outlook Connector to pull their e-mail from my.stlcc.edu student email into Outlook. If you already are familiar with how to configure a mail client, the general settings are:

  • Incoming Mail Server name: outlook.office365.com protocol: POP3, using SSL port: 995
  • Outgoing Mail Server name: outlook.office365.com protocol: SMTP, using SSL port: 587 username: enter your full email address

   Can I check my e-mail using my mobile phone?
Yes. You can setup your mobile device to check your @my.stlcc.edu email account. Follow the instructions found in Tutorials and Support that apply to your device to get your Office 365 e-mail on your mobile phone. 

   Can I check my e-mail using Outlook client?
Yes, you can use Outlook client to check your email.  Follow the instruction found Tutorials and Support. Calendar synch to mobile devices is supported in a variety of ways. First, if the mobile device uses Windows Mobile, Microsoft provides a client that provides access through ActiveSync or the Windows Mobile Device Center in Windows Vista. There are a number of additional synchronization products available to synch data to mobile devices on Windows (and for different calendar applications) and also on other operating systems. Users are able to sync their Office 365 calendar on a variety of available mobile devices.

   Describe how users share calendars? Does your calendar have "free/busy" look up?
You can access published calendars through iCalendar and also publish your calendars for other users to see as well (and control the amount of detail visible).

Spam Management

   How does my.stlcc.edu student e-mail handle spam?
Microsoft provides and manages advanced spam and virus filtering using proprietary technologies, including SmartScreen technology that learns to detect spam through user input, and SenderID Framework which matches the sender's IP address against theirs from e-mail, which is designed to defeat "spoofing." If using the Web interface, all e-mail undergoes a virus check/scan. However, since the anti-virus tools are server side, this does not apply if using POP.

   Do I have the ability to control anti-spam options, for example, training the system what is ham and spam?
Yes. You have the opportunity to identify certain e-mails as safe versus unsafe, and Microsoft also "learns" based on user actions to mark spam and ham. Furthermore, you can set individual junk mail folder rules, block lists and safe lists. To manage junk e-mail settings, go to Options > See All Options > Block or Allow

   Is there a method provided for bypassing the spam system in order to ensure delivery of official STLCC notifications?
Yes. This is a core capability of the my.stlcc.edu student e-mail service. We have safe listed the college's e-mail server addresses so that e-mail sent from those servers are not blocked by spam filters. E-mails sent from one my.stlcc.edu student account to another bypass filters as well.

Advertising and Marketing Policies

   What is Microsoft's creative acceptance policy for banner ads?
In general, advertisements are family-safe and promote common consumer products like cars, movies and restaurants. You can check the creative acceptance policy at http://advertising.microsoft.com/creative-acceptance-policy.

   Does Microsoft share or sell student/alumni contact information with third parties?
No. Microsoft doesn't share or sell any contact information unless the user opts in. This is covered in Microsoft's comprehensive privacy and disclosure policies which are available not only to Microsoft Windows Live participants, but to all users of Microsoft's online services. See http://microsoft.com/privacy.

   Is there a marketing signature attached to e-mails sent from my.stlcc.edu student e-mail?
No. There is no signature transmitted or attached to e-mails sent by students to other e-mail recipients.

   Does Microsoft scan e-mail content to deliver ads?
No. E-mail content is not scanned for the purposes of delivering advertisements.