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Online Faculty Consumer Information Survey

As per state law, all public Missouri colleges and universities are to solicit and post consumer information on faculty. Please help us provide this information by giving thoughtful feedback on your instructor. A more comprehensive student evaluation may take place to obtain additional information for the college's confidential personnel process.

The survey is accessed through Banner Self-Service and is available fourteen days before the end of class and one week after the end of the class. The class ending dates are those shown in Banner and will vary by individual course.

In order to access the evaluation, you must sign-in to Banner Self-Service. Once in Banner Self-Service, the following page will be displayed.

Image of the Banner landing page

You then click on "Fill out an evaluation for a completed course", and the following screen will display.

image of the survey page 1

You then click on the "evaluate" link associated with the course and the following screen will display.

Note: Once an evaluation for a course has been taken, the "evaluate" link will no longer be displayed. The survey may be taken once, and only once, for each course in which you are registered. Only those courses for which you are registered will be displayed. The evaluation link will be available two weeks before the end of the scheduled end date for the course and one week after the scheduled end date for the course.

image of survey page questionaire

You must respond to all questions. Responses may be selected from the pull-down boxes. Valid responses to all questions are: Yes, No and No Opinion. Once you have answered the questions, you click "Submit Evaluation" and the following screen will be displayed.

image of survey summary

This is the confirmation screen that displays the answers that were submitted. When this screen is displayed, the survey responses have been saved and the survey is complete.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. Your input is appreciated.