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STLCC-Meramec Assistant Professor Publishes New Book

April 01, 2008

Cover of "Fear" by Pam GarveyFear, a chapbook of poetry by Pam Garvey, assistant professor in English at St. Louis Community College-Meramec, has just been published by Finishing Line Press.

Garvey's book has received advance praise from well-know local authors, including Allison Funk.

"Pamela Garvey’s stunning chapbook, Fear, explores the 'industry of darkness' at work in the world. She is especially interested in the lives of those who suffer the 'blindness' of violence.  In these poems we find a girl attacked by a pack of boys who could live in any of our neighborhoods; another in El Salvador who keeps 'right on singing' after she’s been shot by soldiers; and a mother in Argentina grieving her son who has 'disappeared.' Throughout her beautifully written chapbook, the poet is keeping watch and inspiring us to do the same."

Following is a selection from Fear:

Pine Log

How long before it becomes pure abstraction?
Hastening, ants hollow one end for sawdust. Speck by speck
they bite away rinds of pine
they carry in crumbs to the edge, dropping them
to the hill of wood below, their colony soft as sand.
How long has it taken them to mine these few inches inward?
How much do they need, these thousands
scurrying into black lines
to haul boulders of bark, reddish
and malleable, rich in minerals, slow
to decay, yet giving way
to the rush, to the industry of darkness.