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STLCC computer services currently use a common credential log in to help protect your identity and offer more computer security. This common credential is called MySTLCC ID.

You will need to use your MySTLCC ID and a secure password to log in to computer services, including Blackboard (Bb), Banner Self-Service and my.stlcc.edu student e-mail.

If you already use your MySTLCC ID and secure password to access Blackboard, you will not have to change your password until it expires. However if you do reset your password, your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail password will automatically be synchronized eliminating the need to remember two different passwords.


When changing your secure password for the first time, use your MySTLCC ID as your User name and your STLCC student ID "A" number with a # symbol at the end as the Current Password Be sure to use a capital A, i.e., A_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #. 

Your STLCC student ID "A" number is located directly under your name on your STLCC OneCard card.

You will be required to create a new secure password with a minimum of 10 but no longer than 16 characters. It must contain at least three out of four of the following criteria:

  • At least one number
  • At least one upper-case character
  • At least one lower-case character
  • At least one special character listed below
    ! @ # % ^ * = + - ; : , . / ? _ ( ) ` ~

After you have reset your password, the next step is to complete the MySTLCC ID password reset security questions. This new function will allow you choose your own security questions in case you forget your password. Everything is done online, so no more heading to the Admissions/Registration office to set a new password.

The secure password will expire one year after you set it. However, it is recommended that you change your password several times a year for security purposes. You can reset your password easily. 

Start your password reset here. You will be prompted to continue the process for each step; changing your password and completing your security questions.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail at your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account regarding your MySTLCC ID and secure password. If you have not activated your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account, follow the instructions on Getting Started.

When you reset your MySTLCC ID secure password, your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail password will be automatically synchronized and override any previous password set for your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account. Thus eliminating the need to remember two different passwords.

If you experience problems accessing your MySTLCC ID, try the MySTLCC ID Help Wizard. If you are still experiencing problems, visit the Campus Life office on campus for assistance.

Faculty and Staff:

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