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Microsoft Certification

Career Paths

If you are planning to take a Microsoft certification exam or would like to work towards mastery of a certain IT job role consider using the ICT (information and communications technology) Curriculum Road Map. ICT Road Map Job Roles include the following:

ICT Road Map Job Roles
Business worker (MOS) Systems engineer (MCSE)
Desktop support technician (MCITP) Systems administrator (MCSA)
Web or Windows developer (MCTS) Server administrator (MCITP)
Database administrator (MCTS) Enterprise administrator (MCITP)

Download the ICT Road Map (pdf)
Each job role has a list of classroom and elearning courses associated with it. The elearning is included with our Microsoft IT Academy courses. After completing all the courses and elearning of that road map and practicing with the associated products, you can achieve competency in that area and be ready to take the related certification exam(s).

Download the ICT Road Map (pdf format)

Link to entire ICT Curriculum Road Map and descriptions of certifications

Learn about becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Certifications are broadly grouped in series that map to job roles. If you are new to technology, you might want to start by exploring the specialist certifications. Seasoned IT professionals and developers should consider advanced Professional series certifications.

Business worker Series

If you use or are looking for a job opportunity that uses Microsoft Office and Windows Vista, consider earning a Microsoft Business Certification.

Learn how you can earn certifications for your Microsoft Office skills

Specialist Series

The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) series credential demonstrates in-depth knowledge of a key Microsoft product or technology, validating your ability to implement, build, troubleshoot, and debug a particular Microsoft technology, such as Windows Server, Microsoft .NET Framework, or Microsoft SQL Server. Choose from more than 30 certifications, with more being added as new technologies are introduced.

Earning an MCTS certification typically requires that you successfully pass one to three exams and have at least one year of relevant experience.

Learn about the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) credential

Professional Series

The Professional Series credential validates a comprehensive set of job-related skills, such as project management, system design, operations management, and planning. Demonstrate your focus on a single job role, thereby providing a reliable indicator of on-the-job performance. Typically, a Professional Series certification requires that you pass one to three exams and have one or more technology certifications.

Choose from two Professional Series certifications, which are based on job roles:

Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) 
Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)