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Groundbreaking in 2003 done by a robot!


Emerson Center for Engineering and Manufacturing

The Emerson Center for Engineering and Manufacturing is committed to developing a skilled work force for the St. Louis region and providing technical support to the region’s manufacturing industry. We are the hub that brings the capabilities of the workforce development unit of St. Louis Community College—Workforce Solutions Group—with the expertise of the academic unit—the Engineering & Technology department—to support engineering and manufacturing in our region.  From today’s employees to tomorrow’s new hires, from re-tooling for those in mid-career to opening the eyes of the next   generation’s workforce to the great career opportunities awaiting them, the Emerson Center brings resources together to get it done!
Opened in 2004, the 31,000-square-foot Emerson Center facility features state-of-the-art tooling and equipment, including 14,000 square feet of laboratory space and classrooms. Read more about our facilities here.

The Emerson Center provides associates degrees, certificate programs and customized training programs to the local manufacturing and engineering workforce. The center's outreach efforts include enhancing the skills of current employees, helping companies develop a qualified pool of job candidates and supporting opportunities for K-12 students to learn about careers in engineering, engineering technology and manufacturing. We partner with the St. Louis Community College Workforce Solutions Group to support grant funded training programs and to provide college credit for customized training when possible. We also work closely with the Engineering and Technology Department to serve the needs of the region’s manufacturing and engineering-related industries. Our services range from a series of custom credit classes leading to an academic certificate to simply assisting companies with enrolling employees into regularly scheduled classes that meet the company’s workforce training needs. Read more about industry programs here.

We also collaborate with the Engineering & Technology department to support a variety of K-12 activities — camps, contests and competitions—along with tours and hands on activities. The Center supports efforts to build a seamless pathway from high school to community college to baccalaureate programs and from trade unions to community college. Read more about educational outreach here.

Planning for the Emerson Center for Engineering and Manufacturing began in 1996 after the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education was charged by Senate Bill 101 (1995) to develop a state plan for a continuous integrated system to deliver postsecondary technical education programs.  This bill resulted in the establishment of Regional Technical Education Councils (RTEC) to foster and fund seamless, focused technical education.

After much research, manufacturing was chosen as the focus of the Florissant Valley campus’ center of excellence. The current state of STLCC offerings was studied along with a gap analysis and needs assessment for the region. An extensive study of more than 1800 manufacturing firms in the St. Louis area was commissioned, formal and informal input was received from hundreds of individuals and companies, and professional organizations were consulted. Additionally, an extensive review of job opening advertisements was conducted. The gap analysis showed that four-year universities provided well prepared engineering-level employees and area technical schools provided employees with machining and other entry level skills. However, the region needed employees with mid-level engineering technologist skills and the theoretical foundations for on-the-job problem solving. On the cusp of the new century, the needs of quickly advancing high-tech manufacturing for a high-tech workforce were clear. Planning and fundraising for the Emerson Center began!

Groundbreaking for the Center’s construction, supported by $2.1 million from the State of Missouri, $1.5 million in donations from Emerson, Boeing, Patriot Machines, UGS, Carr Lane, and college faculty and administrators, occurred in spring, 2003. Dedication of the $4.8 million facility was celebrated on November 22, 2004. St. Louis Community College continues to support the Emerson Center with ongoing improvements and upgrades to our lab equipment and teaching tools.