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A prerequisite is a requirement or other condition that must be met prior to entering a course. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure all course prerequisites are met before registering.

You can find the prerequisites for a class in the catalog or on the interactive class schedule by clicking on the course title.

Proof of meeting a prerequisite must be provided in the form of a transcript, grade report, current schedule, test score report or other appropriate documentation. If you need more information about prerequisites, please call the Advising or Counseling office at the campus of your choice.

Reading Proficiency Prerequisite

Many courses include a prerequisite of "reading proficiency." This means that before you can enroll in one of these courses, you must demonstrate the ability to read at the college level. This ability will give you a better chance to pass the course in question, since many courses require a certain amount of reading, whether it is a textbook, journal articles or reports from many sources.

Students can meet the reading proficiency prerequisite by scoring at least 82 on the Compass reading placement test. Students who present an ACT reading score of 18 or above earned within the last three years or an SAT critical reading score of 500 or above earned within the last three years also meet the prerequisite. Students may have met this prerequisite with college-level coursework from a U.S.-accredited institution. This also applies to students with dual credit courses taken in high school.

Students who do not meet this prerequisite in any of these ways must enroll for RDG:030 Introduction to College Reading. A grade of "C" or higher in this course meets the reading proficiency prerequisite. Students who are not native speakers of English can meet this prerequisite with at least a "C" in ENG:070 Academic English for Non-Native Speakers III.