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How do I apply to St. Louis Community College?

To take credit courses at STLCC, you need to submit an admissions application. Students can apply online or visit any campus Enrollment Services office and apply online at a computer Kiosk.

how can I check if REQUIRED admission documents have been received?

Admitted students should check their Application Checklist through Banner Self-Service to view the status of required items needed prior to registration. Students must first access their MySTLCC ID and set up a password in order to log in to Banner Self-Service.

Is testing required?

The Accuplacer test is required of all students unless academic credentials are submitted that qualify students to take courses without testing.

The college may waive all or part of the entry assessment if students provide written documentation of one of the following:

  1. A college transcript or grade report documenting successful completion (with a C grade or higher) of reading, writing or mathematics course prerequisites
  2. A college degree from an accredited institution 
  3. An ACT score earned within the last three years documenting:
    1. A reading score of 18 or above to waive the reading test
    2. An English score of 18 or above to waive the writing test
    3. A math score of 23 or above to waive the math test

Testing must take place prior to advising and registration. Call the campus you plan to attend to schedule an appointment if you are in a category of students for which testing is required.

Do I have an advisor to assist me?

The following students are required to see an academic advisor or counselor:

  • Students applying to a selective admissions program such as Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Radiological Technology and Funeral Service.
  • Students who do not have the appropriate prerequisite for a specific course. If the prerequisite was taken at another college, you must provide proof in the form of a transcript, grade report, test score report, current schedule or other appropriate documentation.

All other students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to ensure their success in achieving academic goals.

Contact Advising

Some students choose to self-advise. You may self-advise if none of the before-mentioned categories applies. However, students self-advising are totally responsible for academic outcomes and the college is not liable for incorrect decisions.

How do I enroll for courses?

Once you have been admitted and seen an academic advisor or choose to self-advise, you may register online or bring or mail your fully completed registration form to the Admissions/Registration office at the campus you plan to attend.

When you receive your bill, take or mail it to the Cashier's office, or telephone in your credit card number by the due date with payment in full, or enroll in the automatic payment plan, e-Cashier. If payment is not received when due, courses are canceled and you will need to re-register without any guarantee that desired courses still will be available.

Can I apply for financial aid?

Yes, but there is much paperwork to complete and should be done prior to the first day of registration. You are encouraged to begin the process of applying for financial aid as soon as possible, even as soon as you consider attending STLCC.

Visit the Financial Aid website or call the Financial Aid office at the campus you plan to attend for more information.

To get started you must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, by applying online at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/. Once the application is filed with the federal government, it normally takes four to six weeks for a response in the form of a Student Aid Report, or SAR. When you receive this, bring it and other required documentation immediately to the Financial Aid office.

How can I obtain a course schedule?

Class schedules are available online only.

What does college cost?

St. Louis Community College's mission is to provide accessible and affordable education to all citizens of our district. For information about the cost of attending and how to pay for college, go to the Tuition and Fees Web page.

When do I pay for my courses?

Unless you have been awarded financial aid or have enrolled in the college's payment plan, e-Cashier, you must pay in full by the designated semester due date. Please refer to the college calendar for this date. Payments for registered classes after the due date are required at the time of registration. Non-payment will result in cancellation of your registration. Payment options and instructions are listed below.

CREDIT CARD - Mastercard, Visa, Discover and debit cards are accepted. You may phone in your credit card information to the cashier or send it via the Internet. 

CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS - Checks and money orders can be mailed or hand-delivered to the Cashier's office. Hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday. Checks and money orders can also be dropped off a drop box located at different locations on each campus. 

CASH - Cash must be delivered in person to the Cashier's office only.

How do I apply for loans and scholarships?

The Financial Aid Web page provides information and complete explanations of all the state and federal programs, how and when to apply, and contact information.

What happens when a scheduled course is canceled?

Courses are sometimes cancelled due to low enrollment. Cancellation usually occurs on the Friday prior to the semester start date.

Should this happen to you, a faculty or staff person from the academic department making the cancellation decision will phone you at home or work to try to schedule you for another section of the same course.

If this is not possible, you will need to come to the campus to try to reschedule another course. Again, all rules connected to advising or self-advising procedures apply.

If replacement of a canceled course has not been made by the end of the first week of classes, refunding procedures begin at 100 percent.

If I'm in a class and wish not to attend anymore, what should I do?

The student is totally responsible for completing an official Add/Drop Form and submitting it to the Admissions/Registration office. There is a deadline for this transaction.

Leaving the class without filing forms or stopping a check does not release students from the financial responsibility incurred for reserving class space.
In order to receive a "W" for a course, the student must officially withdraw from the course by completing the withdrawal form and submitting it in person to the Admissions/Registration office on or by the deadline as indicated in the schedule below:

  • "Length of class" indicates the start date of the class.
  • "Withdraw by Friday" indicates last day course can be dropped.

Medical/Job Related Withdrawals: Requests to withdraw from current semester classes for medical or job-related reasons may be submitted throughout the semester. Documentation is required. An instruction sheet detailing the procedure is available from the Admissions/Registration office. All withdrawal requests and documentation must be received by the last day of classes for the semester in question. The Student Survival Guide and the course schedules contain the semester calendar. Faxed copies of the withdrawal form are not acceptable.

i want a Refund. how and when do i apply?

The student must complete the ADD/DROP Form (electronic forms cannot be used for refunds) and submit it to Admissions/Registration office. All refunds are based on when the class starts and the date of withdrawal.

I need proof that I'm enrolled at St. Louis Community College. What do I do?

St. Louis Community College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications. Please see our page on enrollment or degree verification.

I need a copy of my official transcript. How do I get one?

Request forms are available at the Cashier's office and in Admissions/ Registration. Transcripts are $5 each. Click here for the transcripts page.

What about physical access to buildings, classrooms, offices and facilities?

All buildings at each campus have automatic door access. All buildings with more than one floor, except the Business building at Florissant Valley, are equipped with elevators. This is to be changed with an addition to the building. Restrooms and facilities are accessible or are in the preparation of being made so. Classrooms and labs are accessible or arrangements will be made to accommodate needs.

Accessible parking spaces have been assigned to each building and are signed. Ramped curves lead from parking to campus walkways. Where required, ramps lead to automatic doors to the building.

For more information, contact the Access office at your campus or visit the Web page.

What Other resources are available to help me be successful?

St. Louis Community College provides many academic resources, plus advising and counseling services to help you succeed.