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In addition to searching the local web site, the search box is capable of a number of additional functions:

weather Get the weather for a particular zip code from the National Weather Service.
define Use Google.COM to get the definition of a word.
voice Search employee directory for a voice phone number.
directory Search employee directory.
search Performs a search of www.stlcc.edu (this is the default action if no function is provided).
all Search www.stlcc.edu and users.stlcc.edu.
stlcc Limit search results to www.stlcc.edu (public Web site) only.
users Limit search results to users.stlcc.edu.
board Limit search results to Board of Trustees' section of the public site.
google Search via Google.
yahoo Search using Yahoo!
bing Search using Bing!
b Alias for bing.
d Alias for directory.
g Alias for google.
y Alias for yahoo.


What's the weather going to be like in St. Louis?


Search Google for "national weather service":

    g:national weather service

Recommendations for additional functions are welcome.