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STLCC Career Coach

Career Coach Trailer

STLCC's Career Coach is a multifunctional 36 foot trailer complete with Computers and Wi-Fi where you can explore career opportunities and participate in demonstrations of STLCC programs and technology presentations.

The aptly named STLCC Career "Coach" is available to visit local events and schools, bringing this technology directly to students and job seekers. It's free and easy to use!

Academic hands-on presentations are about 25-30 minutes in length. The Career Coach can handle 10-12 students in each group.

Sample of available programs and presentations:

Advanced Manufacturing
A verbal description of different careers in technology
Advanced Networking
Description of wireless communications, operations and troubleshooting
Automotive and Diesel Technology
With the aid of a small mockup combustion engine, students learn the basic operation of gas and diesel powered engines.
Bridge Design
Using laptop computers, participants are led through a series of exercises which allow them to plan building a bridge with different materials, designs and considering total costs.
Court Reporting
Participants get an overview of the court reporting program and the machine used to write shorthand. Participants will gain an understanding of how to place the hands on the machine, the layout of the keyboard, how to caption simple words and how to read notes.
Climate Change
Brief slide show of the basic science behind global warming and the changes that rising temperatures will cause around the globe. The presentation ends on an optimistic note by outlining many actions that can be taken by individuals and communities to meet the challenges presented by global warming.
Digital Arts
An introduction to Digital Arts and Technology Alliance. Demonstrations of examples of student work in architecture technology, digital media, graphic communications, interior design, landscape design and theater lighting and design. Discussion includes how job skill transfer to the workforce.
Human Services
Brief explanation of the human services program, careers, jobs and income opportunities.
Interior Design
Participants get an overview of the interior design program including an interactive session that will guide them through the complexities of color therapy and human response to color. Students will discover their own personality types and why they are drawn to certain colors.
Hands-on activities relating to one's genotype and the processes used by bio-technicians to solve crime scene investigations.
Clinical Laboratory Technology
Medical lab based activities skills for careers such as blood bank, immunology, seropathology an others. 
Learn about hydroponics systems and mixes that can be used with the system.
Manufacturing Technology
Demonstration of a virtual CNC milling machine. Students can experiment with different designs in 3D
Radiologic Technology
Brief presentation followed by Q&A describing the RT program at STLCC and career opportunities
Surgical Technology
Surgical technologists posses expertise in sterile and aseptic techniques and combine that knowledge with human anatomy, surgical procedures and implementation tools and technologies to facility surgical procedures. The presentation allows students an hands-on approach to surgical instruments and supplies.
Solids Modeling
Students are given step by step instructions to create computer generated solids models. Gain an understanding of 3D modeling design and potential for career opportunities.

For more information about the STLCC Career Coach or to schedule the STLCC Career Coach for an appearance at your school, business or event, contact Matt Huber at 314-539-5132.