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Guide to Requesting Accommodations


  1. Contact the Access Office at your campus of enrollment as soon as possible.

Accommodations are generally not provided retroactively, so it is important to apply early.  While students can meet with Access for accommodations at any point in the semester, six weeks advance notice of your needs will help give us adequate time to process reasonable accommodations.

  1. Complete the Application for Services and schedule an initial appointment.
  2. Meet with staff at your Access office to discuss:
    1. Your educational goals
    2. What your disability is and how it affects you in the educational setting
    3. Accommodations you used in the past
    4. Accommodations you will need for college classes, programs or activities
    5. Other possible effective accommodations or alternatives

*It is recommended that students bring supporting documentation to their initial appointment, but releases can be signed by the student to obtain this information if necessary.

  1. The Access Office carefully considers your accommodation requests utilizing all of the information you have provided in the initial meeting and from a third party (if applicable) in our Documentation Review Committee. Decisions regarding reasonable academic adjustments are made on a case-by-case basis.
  2. You will be asked to return for a second meeting where we will discuss, with you, the approved accommodations as well as any accommodations that were not approved and the reason(s) for denial or need for additional information. We will review the policies and procedures for notifying instructors and for utilizing specific accommodations.

In addition, you will sign the Access Office Release of Information form if you have not already done so.


  • Students are expected to properly notify instructors of their approved accommodations by picking up their “Instructor Notification Memo” (printed in the Access Office) and having a discussion with each professor.
  • Accommodation requests must be made in a timely manner throughout the semester (e.g. extended time testing or alternate format).
  • Students may find that they have additional needs that had not been previously considered. It is important to continue to engage with the Access staff in an interactive process to make us aware of those needs and determine whether additional accommodations are appropriate.
  • Any problems or concerns that arise must be referred back to the Access Office for prompt resolution.


Request accommodations each semester by:

  • Scheduling an appointment with the Access Office to update accommodation requests


  • Completing an accommodation update form (you may be asked to make an appointment)


  • Student follow-up
  • Academic counseling
  • Advising and registration
  • Study skills and organizational help
  • Mentoring, advocacy and problem-solving assistance