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High School Equivalency Online

MOLearns is Missouri's Internet based High School Equivalency classroom for students looking for the flexibility of at home study.

In order to participate in MOLearns, you must be a Missouri resident and must go to http://molearns.com/ to register.

You will be referred to an onsite class for assessment testing. Upon completion of testing, a MOLearns Online instructor at http://molearns.com/ will assign you a username and password allowing you to complete assignments over the internet.

The MOLearns Online instructor at http://molearns.com/ will make assignments, evaluate your work and review progress with you via the Internet.

You will be required to return to class for testing every 90 (ninety) days.
All inquiries concerning MOLearns should be directed to http://molearns.com/.

MOLearns requires that students take the TABE test. This program provides this testing as follows:

  1. The TABE test can be taken at any of our Adult Education classes.
  2. No appointment necessary.
  3. We ask you show up at the beginning of class.
  4. Be clear with the teacher that you are only there to take the TABE for MOLearns Online otherwise you will be told to come back on intake days for enrolling students.
  5. We will report your scores to MOLearns Online.
  6. All inquiries should be directed to http://molearns.com/