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Blackboard FAQ for Students

Settings and Login


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Settings and Login

   How can I make sure my computer is ready for Blackboard?

Run the Browser Check.

   I can't login to Blackboard. What should I do?

Run the Blackboard Help Wizard to determine why you are having difficulty.

   When I log in to Blackboard why don't I see my course listed?

The instructor may not have opened up the course to students yet. Most instructors will open their courses on the first day of class or a few days before.

Check with your instructor to see if Blackboard will be used in the course. If they are not using it, the course will not be listed when you login.

   When I login I see the message, "You are not enrolled in any courses."  I know I'm enrolled, so why am I getting this?

You will see this message if none of your instructors are using Blackboard and/or if none of the courses have been opened up to students yet.

   Can I access Blackboard on my smart phone?

It depends on your service provider. Check the provider's app store to see if a Blackboard app is available. You can also access Blackboard by using your phone's Internet browser.


   How do I submit an assignment to Blackboard?

Go to the area of the course where the assignment is listed. Click on the name of the assignment. Follow the submission instructions provided by your instructor. [Video tutorial to "Submitting your Assignment"]

   I am trying to attach a file to an assignment and keep receiving an HTTP 404  error message,

Be sure the filename doesn't contain spaces or special characters, such as # or /. Also keep the filename short. If it still doesn't attach, you may need to use a different browser in order to attach the file. 

   I'm late on an assignment due and I cannot find it in Blackboard. Why not?

If the due date has passed, your instructor may have closed the assignment. Refer to the instructor's policy on assignment submissions.

Tests and Quizzes

   How do I take a test in Blackboard?

[Video tutorial to "Taking a test in Blackboard"]

   What can I do to avoid getting kicked out of a test? 

Check out the "Taking a Blackboard Test" guide (PDF)

   When I attempt to take a quiz, I receive a message that the quiz has already been taken. 

If you accidentally double-click on the quiz, it will open and be submitted instantly. If you are allowed only one attempt, you will not be able to open it again. Contact the instructor to see if the quiz can be reset. To prevent this problem, always make sure you click the "Begin" button only once. It may take a little time for the test to load, so be patient.

   I'm trying to take one of the quizzes in my class, but the quiz screen is blank. What is going on? 

This problem is usually caused by a "Popup Blocker." If your instructor has created the quiz so that it pops up in a new window and you have a popup blocker installed it may permit the quiz window to open, but the window will be blank. Try disabling your popup blocker.

Discussion Boards

   How do I post to the Discussion Board?

[Video tutorial to "Posting to the discussion board"

   Why can't I add a thread to the discussion board?

Your instructor may have set up the discussion board so you cannot add new threads.

If the "Add Thread" button is grayed out, then reply to an existing thread instead,

   Why doesn't anyone see my discussion board post? I'm sure I saved it.

When you click "Save" it saves a draft of your post that only you can see. Click "Submit" when you are ready to make the post visible to everyone.


   Where do I go to see my grades?

If your instructor is using the Blackboard grade tool, you may find a "My Grades" button on the course menu or under Tools > My Grades. [Video tutorial to "Seeing my grades"]

   Why is there a tablet and pencil icon next to a test in My Grades?

This icon means the test is in progress. If your instructor set up the test to allow just one attempt, you will not be able to get back into the test until it is reset. Resetting an exam is at your instructor's discretion.

   Why is there a green exclamation point next to a test or assignment in My Grades?

An exclamation point means that the instructor needs to grade the assessment before your score will appear. It could also mean that you exceeded the time limit allowed for an exam. Exams do not shut down when the time limit is reached, but the assessment tracks how long you worked after the deadline. It is up to your instructor to decide whether points will be taken off for exceeding the time limit.


   Where can I find Blackboard help tutorials?

[Blackboard on-demand video tutorials]