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What to Expect

  • When you arrive for testing at the campus of your choice, you will sign in for the Accuplacer placement test.
  • You must present photo I.D. and your St. Louis Community College I.D. number. (You will receive your student I.D. number from the Admissions Office when you complete the college's application for admission.)
  • You will need to turn off your cell phone. Use of cell phones or other electronic devices is not permitted while you are taking the test.
  • You will be assigned a computer workstation by the test proctor.
  • You will be directed to stow personal items either in a storage locker or underneath your workstation.
  • Blank paper and a pencil will be provided for you and collected at the end of your testing session. A calculator will be made available on screen for selected items on the math test.
  • The test proctor will be available to assist you during testing should you experience any problems.
  • When you finish, the proctor will explain your test results and give you a copy to take to advising.