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Take a Placement Test

St. Louis Community College uses an untimed, computerized placement test to evaluate your academic skills and place you into appropriate courses.

The placement test gives students’ essential information about their academic skills and needs. Following testing, you and your advisor or counselor can review your results and determine coursework that will be appropriate to your academic skills and chosen program of study.

The placement test is required of all students unless academic credentials are submitted that qualify students to take such courses without testing.

STLCC may waive the reading and/or the English portions of the placement test if students provide documentation of one of the following:

  • A college transcript or grade report documenting successful completion (with a C grade or higher) of reading, and writing course prerequisites.
  • College credit from an accredited institution will waive the reading test.
  • An ACT score earned within the last three years:
    • A reading score of 18 or above to waive the reading test.
    • An English score of 18 or above to waive the writing test.
    • A critical reading score of 500 or above on the SAT to waive the reading and writing tests.

STLCC may waive the mathematics portion of the placement test if students provide documentation of one of the following:

  • A math score of 22 or above on the ACT.
  • A math score on the ACT that places the student in a math course using the Math Placement Tool
  • A math score of 580 or above on the SAT.

If documentation cannot be provided, students will be required to take the appropriate placement tests. Scores will remain valid up to three years from the semester in which the test was taken; thereafter, students will be required to retake the test. Visit stlcc.edu/assessment-test for assessment locations and testing schedule.

In addition, some selective admission programs may require additional assessment exams or skills tests.

If you have a disability that requires accommodations for the placement test, please call the Access office at the campus of your choice for an appointment prior to testing. Documentation will be required.

For more information about the placement test, view the preparation video and the online guide.