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Target Industry Cluster Descriptions

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing refers to those industries that convert materials into products but are more technology intensive and employ a larger than average number of workers in research and development. It includes those operations that incorporate new technologies, production processes and systems to increase the efficiency and sustainability of the manufacturing process. Included in Advanced Manufacturing are two niches: Aerospace and Defense, and Transportation Equipment.

Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions refers to all energy technologies which provide long-term, low-impact, high value energy solutions for residential and commercial use. The cluster includes operations in research and development for five types of nonpetroleum-based energy sources: nuclear power, natural gas, wind energy, solar energy, and biomass/biofuels.


The Biosciences include diverse industries that fuse chemical and biological sciences to support growth and sustainability in the agriculture and medical fields. Industry activity includes both production and research and development for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, crop and livestock, and chemical manufacturing. Included in Biosciences are three niches: Plant and Agriculture Technology, Companion and Feed Animal Sciences, and Biomedical.

Health Care Sciences and Services

The Health Care Sciences and Services encompass the administration and delivery of health care along with health innovations that advance the ease and efficiency of delivering services to patients, while providing the opportunity for these innovations to trigger start-up companies. Included in Health Care Sciences and Services are three niches: Health Care Innovation, Health Sciences, and Health Services.

Information Technology

Information Technology refers to a branch of engineering that employs the use of technology, in both software and hardware, to store, transmit and manage data in various formats for use in virtually every industry. Included in Information Technology are three niches: Software, Hardware and Systems Design, Data Centers, and Technology Resource Centers.

Financial and Professional Services

Financial and Professional Services refers to the collection of industries that provide money management, financial planning, legal, public relations, insurance, business support and technical consulting. Included in Financial and Professional Services are three niches: Customer Care Centers, Financial Services, and Professional Services.

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics refers to the engineering and management of a supply chain network to provide goods to consumers and industries in an efficient and timely manner. Included in Transportation and Logistics are three niches: Warehousing, Transportation, and Wholesale Trade.

Adapted from the State of Missouri Strategic Initiative for Economic Growth and the Target Cluster and Marketing Analysis completed by Market Street Services, Inc. 31Mar11.