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The Lean Deployment Survey/Stimulator Process

Workforce Solutions’ Lean Deployment Survey/Stimulator Process can provide your management and/or Lean teams with the focus and motivation they need to succeed. The LDSS Process is easy-to-use, tested, and very cost effective. Here’s how it works:

  1. Workforce Solutions and client review survey items, making whatever minor modifications that might be needed and also deciding how participants will access the survey, options being:
    1. Via SurveyMonkey online from their homes or at the facility (this is our definite preference).
    2. Written
  2. Launch the survey, typically with an e-mail to all employees from the plant manager speaking to the importance of the survey, the impact their very candid responses will have on the company’s ability to compete successfully in their marketplace and also containing a hyperlink to the company’s survey on SurveyMonkey.
  3. All employees take the survey. Typically, SurveyMonkey is kept open for one-two weeks for responses. During this period of time Workforce Solutions monitors response rates and if employees need to be nudged to up the response rate another e-mail goes out from the plant manager stressing the importance of all employees responding.
  4. After closing of the survey, Workforce Solutions prints the survey results, assembling in 3-ring binders with the individual names of the plant manager and her/his direct reports and takes these to the next stage in the process which is…
  5. Conducting a briefing/discussion of survey results with plant leadership team. Typically, this session lasts for from two – three hours. The last item on the agenda in this session is a confirmation of next steps that will be carried out in making specific use of the data, which are…
  6. A Workforce Solutions Lean associate meets with each supervisor/manager who has responsibility for a functional area of the plant, including office areas. During this discussion, survey responses for his/her area are reviewed in detail. Action items that can be taken in response to survey results are tentatively identified and the supervisor/manager is asked to get to Workforce Solutions within a week bullet points highlighting action items that her/his department is going to implement in response to survey findings.
  7. After action items for each area of the plant have been received, they become part of a presentation that is made to all employees. The basic message conveyed in this presentation is “You spoke, We listened, We’re going to act and here’s how.” This presentation is, typically, kicked off by the plant manager who says a few words relating to how important the data is to the company, how much their candid responses are appreciated, and the important role their ongoing input will be to the success of the company. Following this intro by the plant manager, each supervisor/manager makes a 3 - 5 minute presentation, focusing on what other employees said about their degree of satisfaction with the services delivered by their department and how they’re going to use what fellow employees said to improve their area’s work processes.