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Enrollment in this program is now closed.


Thank you for your interest in the MoManufacturingWINs program. Enrollment in this program is now closed.

Please check the STLCC Workforce Solutions site for training updates and opportunities. St. Louis Community College is continuously adding accelerated training programs for individuals.

MoManufacturingWINs will serve a target population which includes Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) eligible participants, unemployed participants, underemployed participants and low skilled participants. There is flexibility to include a broad spectrum of individuals (as participants) from varied socioeconomic backgrounds for training purposes.

Important: High School Degree or equivalent required for this program.


An individual who has lost their job, through no fault of their own (due to lack of work), as a result of foreign trade. Missouri state merit staff (DOLR & DWD) administers this program and determines individual Trade eligibility.


An individual who has been terminated or laid off, or has received a notice of termination or layoff; employed at a facility at which the employer has made a general announcement the facility will close within 180 days; self-employed (including employment as a farmer, a rancher, or a fisherman) but unemployed as a result of general economic conditions or natural disasters; and a displaced homemaker.


An individual who is working part-time but desires full time employment, or is working in employment not commensurate with the individual’s demonstrated level of educational and/or skill achievement. The local Workforce Investment Board negotiated average earnings target wage should be referenced to aid in eligibility determination.


Individuals scoring below the designated cut-off score on an assessment test will be defined as “Low-Skilled” for the purposes of MoManufacturingWINs eligibility.


The Jobs for Veterans Act (Pub. L. 107-288) requires priority of service to veterans and spouses of certain veterans for the receipt of employment, training, and placement services in any job training program directly funded, in whole or in part, by the DOL. To obtain priority of service a veteran or spouse must meet the program’s eligibility requirement.

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