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Logistics, Warehouse & Distribution Specialist

Thank you for your interest in the MRTDL program. Enrollment in this program is now closed.

Please check the STLCC Workforce Solutions site for training updates and opportunities. St. Louis Community College is continuously adding accelerated training programs for individuals.

Logistics, Warehouse & Distribution SpecialistLaunch your career in Logistics as a Logistics, Warehouse & Distribution Specialist with our No-Fee, High-Value training available now. Prepare for front-line material handling and distribution positions across the supply chain — factory, warehousing, distribution, and transportation.

Study with recognized industry experts and discover opportunities where your foundational knowledge, work ethic and commitment to excellence may lead to career advancement in this growing field.

Experience our dynamic 5-week training format:

  • Instructor-led training in logistics, global supply chain, safety, material handling equipment, quality control, product receiving & shipping, order packing & packaging, transportation modes and inventory control.
  • Learn by observing and doing at local warehouses/distribution centers.
  • Learn critical interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the workplace including attitude, responsibility, communication and preparing for the workplace, etc.
  • Learn essential computer literacy and skills needed in logistics including Computer Basics, Email 101, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Email and Internet Safety.

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