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Metropolitan Education and Training Center (MET Center)

Corporate Services of the Workforce Solutions Group administers the Metropolitan Education and Training Center (MET), an innovative training and education center that operates under a unique partnership of public, private and community-based organizations, including St. Louis Community College, St. Louis County Government, Better Family Life, Inc. East-West Gateway Regional Jobs Initiative and St. Louis Agency for Training and Employment (SLATE). Centrally located on the MetroLink corridor, the MET Center offers short-term accelerated training programs and other resources for unemployed and underemployed area residents.

The Center focuses on providing comprehensive job training to prepare individuals to meet the current workforce demands, enhanced work habits and job retention skills along with career readiness assistance such as writing a resume, preparing for interviews and conducting job searches. The MET Center Team is proud to say that hundreds of MET Center graduates are working for local employers in well-paying, skilled jobs.


How do I learn more about the MET Center?

Contact Karin Fowler at 314-746-0872.

Metropolitan Education and Training Center Map
6347 Plymouth Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63133