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Campus Administration

Patrick Vaughn, Acting President
Phone: 636-422-2240
E-mail: pvaughn20@stlcc.edu

Carol Lupardus, Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs
Phone: 636-422-2013
E-mail: clupardus@stlcc.edu

Marilyn Taras, Director of Student Affairs
Phone: 636-422-2008
E-mail: mtaras@stlcc.edu

Debbie Ward, Coordinator, Public Information and Marketing
Phone: 636-422-2241
E-mail: dward106@stlcc.edu

Stephanie Graham, Coordinator, Campus Life and College Transition
Phone: 636-422-2244
E-mail: sagraham@stlcc.edu

Abby DeShane, Manager, Instructional and Career Resources
Phone: 636-422-2012
E-mail: adeshane@stlcc.edu

Stephanie Graham, Enrollment Management Coordinator
Phone: 636-422-2014
E-mail: sagraham@stlcc.edu

Barbara Mehranfar, Coordinator, Student Enrollment and Academic Advising
Phone: 636-422-2009
E-mail: bmehranfar@stlcc.edu

Krista Sucher, Coordinator, Student Enrollment and disAbility Support Services
Phone: 636-422-2011
E-mail: ksucher@stlcc.edu

Helen Nauman, Coordinator, Student Enrollment and Financial Aid
Phone: 636-422-2010
E-mail: hnauman@stlcc.edu


Ellen McCloskley, Chair, English, Reading, Interdisciplinary Studies & Communications
Phone: 636-422-2210
E-mail: emccloskey@stlcc.edu

Donna Babbitt, Chair, Business Administration
Phone: 636-422-2206

Kim Granger, Chair, Mathematics and Communication
Phone: 636-422-2204
E-mail: Kgranger@stlcc.edu

Afzal Lodhi, Chair, Sciences, Physical Education and Social Sciences
Phone: 636-422-2201
E-mail: alodhi@stlcc.edu

Mark Weber, Chair, Art and Humanities
Phone: 636-422-2202
E-mail: mweber@stlcc.edu

John Glen, Chair, Humanities
Phone: 636-422-2208
E-mail: jglen4@stlcc.edu

Judy Brouk, Executive Assistant to the President
Phone: 636-422-2240
E-mail: jbrouk@stlcc.edu