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Office 365-Email - Frequently Asked Questions

Office 365 Migration:

Account Information:

Office 365 Migration:

What is Office 365?
Office 365 is a bundle of services from Microsoft that includes many online tools and software programs. This platform enables additional account storage space and increased vendor support from Microsoft.

What is the difference between Office 365 for Education and Office 365 Premium?

  • Office 365 for Education is the replacement for the current Outlook Live student email system that we are deploying now.
  • Office 365 for Education provides STLCC students access to Exchange Online (email).  In the future, it will provide SharePoint Online which includes the Office Web Apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint that are separately available via SkyDrive today and Lync Online.
  • Microsoft uses the term "Office 365" to refer to a whole new suite of online or online licensed products. The MS Office suite, called Office 365 Premium is basically the same as other Office suites, like Office 2010 or Office 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook). It just has a different yearly licensing model. The College is not deploying the Office 365 Premium suite at this time.

What are the benefits of migrating to Office 365?
After the migration to Office 365, STLCC users will enjoy:

  • Larger Mailboxes: Mailbox capacity will be increased to 25GB;
  • Continuing access: to the latest versions of Office Web Apps and other Microsoft software;
  • Improved collaboration and file sharing: with Microsoft SharePoint Online. SkyDrive will be replaced by SharePoint Online which provides better searches; Coming in December 2013 
  • Improved instant messaging and online meetings: with Microsoft Lync Online. Skype will also be replaced by Lync Online; Coming in 2014

Who will be affected?
All STLCC students and my.stlcc.edu email users will be transitioned to the Office 365 platform from Live@edu.

When is the transition happening?
All my.stlcc.edu email accounts will be migrating to Office 365 beginning September 20, 2013. The transition is expected to take 48 to 72 hours and there will be access to Live@edu email with minimal disruption during the transition period.

Will I still have email access during the transition?
Yes. Students should have full access to email during the transition with minimal interruptions.

Why is STLCC transitioning to Office 365?
This past January, Microsoft released Office 365 and mandated that all Live@edu student accounts would be transitioned to the new platform by September 30, 2013.

Do I need to do anything to be ready for Office 365?
In most cases, personal devices that were compatible with Live@edu will continue to be able to run all Office 365 apps. Those wishing to verify that their personal devices meet Microsoft’s minimum requirements can follow the checklist provided on Microsoft's site regarding upgrading to Office 365 platform.

Can I still access my Mailbox and SkyDrive during the upgrade?
Yes, users will not experience any issue during the upgrade

How can I tell my account has been migrated to Office 365?
When you logon to your email mailbox from the web-browser, the Office365 logo will be displayed in the top left corner.

What happens to my access to SkyDrive and Office Web Apps in Microsoft Outlook Live?
If you have an Outlook Live SkyDrive, you can continue to use it with your existing Windows Live@edu ID and password you had before the migration.

How does someone know if they migrated from Outlook Live to Office 365?
Everyone will receive an email notification from STLCC when the upgrade is completed.

Will I lose/miss any emails during this upgrade period when someone sends an email to me?
You will not lose any data during the upgrade.

What happens to my exisiting SkyDrive Contents?
Live@edu SkyDrive services will remain available at http://skydrive.live.com and will be accessible with the same credentials. SkyDrive files will not be moved to the new Office 365 accounts. Students will need to make their own arrangements to download, email or otherwise backup their existing SkyDrive documents. Your existing SkyDrive contents or Skype contacts will not be migrated to SharePoint Online or Lync Online in the future either.

How long will my Live@edu SkyDrive files be accessible?
Following the transition, Microsoft will be the sole administor for all personal Microsoft accounts granting acceess to SkyDrive. As a result, STLCC will not be able to guarantee the longevity of storage or help with functions such as password management.

Why am I having problem connecting to Office 365 after the Office 365 service upgrade?
If your Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2007 experiences any issues connecting to the service, it can be resolved as simply as by running Windows Update, or installing the Outlook November 2012 public update.

Account Information:

Is there any change to my email address or Office365 username?
Email addresses, username and password will remain the same after the upgrade.

Will my existing password still work with the new Office 365 system?
Yes, when migration occurs, you will still use your Live@edu password to log into the new Office 365 platform.

Will I still access my email the same way?
Following the transition, students will continue to sign in to email using the same URL. https://www.outlook.com/my.stlcc.edu

What is going to change with Office 365 upgrade in September?
You will have two accounts:

  • Office 365 Account - STLCC account to access to your student email.
  • Personal Microsoft Account - Personal account to access your existing SkyDrive and other Microsoft services which the same as your student email address. However, STLCC no longer administers this account. As a result, we cannot reset the password for you. Changing or resetting the MySTLCC ID password yourself will have NO effect on this Microsoft account.

What is the username I am to use to access my SkyDrive?
To access your SkyDrive, you can use the same STLCC email address and password you were using to access your email before the migration.

My question isn't here and I am still having technical difficulties.
If after reading through the Office 365 setup directions and this FAQs page, you are still having problems setting your Office 365 password, forwarding your email to Office 365 or logging into Office 365, visit you Campus Life office for assistance.


Q. How do I turn Conversations off, so that messages don’t group together by thread? 
A. Just above the message list, click “Conversations by Date” and select “Off” at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

Q. How do I make the reading pane appear at the bottom instead of on the right? 
A. Click the "gear" icon in the upper right, choose "Display Settings", select "Reading Pane" and choose the location

Q. How do I show more messages in my mailbox message list? 
A. Click the "gear" icon in the upper right, choose "Display Settings", select "Message List" and choose Hide Preview Text

Q. I don’t like the new look, can I change the color scheme? 
A. Click the “gear” icon in the upper right and choose “themes.”