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Office 365 Online Services

Office 365 is a bundle of services from Microsoft that includes many online tools. Microsoft released Office 365 and mandated that all Live@edu student email accounts would be transitioned to the new platform by Sept. 30, 2013.

All STLCC students and my.stlcc.edu email users were transitioned to the Office 365 platform from Live@edu.

Office 365 upgrade was A two step process:

  • Accounts upgrade to Office 365 platform was completed on Sept. 23, 2013. This platform upgrade enables additional email storage.
  • Services upgrade to Office 365 services was completed on February 2014. This service upgrade added additional online Microsoft services. 

First PHASE September 2013 Upgrade

After the completion of September Office 365 upgrade, Students had two accounts:

  • Office 365 Account - STLCC account to access to college email. It is associated with an active MySTLCC ID account.
  • Personal Microsoft Account - Personal account to access existing SkyDrive contents and other Microsoft services. Although the ID will be the same (username@my.stlcc.edu), it will no longer be linked to your school MySTLCC ID account. STLCC will no longer administer this account. As a result, STLCC cannot reset this personal Microsoft account password for you, and changing or resetting your school MySTLCC ID password will have no effect on this personal Microsoft account.

With the upgade to Office 365, SkyDrive was seperated. After migration to Office 365, SkyDrive account and files are longer available inside of your email account (https://www.outlook.com/my.stlcc.edu)

  • Old legacy SkyDrive are still be accessible via https://www.skydrive.com
  • Your STLCC email address and your password (what is was before the migration) to access your SkyDrive
  • STLCC CAN NOT change the password for SkyDrive. You can try to reset the password from http://accounts.live.com if you have setup an alternative email address.

Second Phase December 2014 Upgrade

After the completion of transitioning of mail and calendaring to Office 365, we will have a second step process at the end of December 2014.

  • SharePoint Online is now available to students. For basic information on these services follow this link: Microsoft SharePoint
  • Lync Online is now available to students. For basic information on these services follow this link: Microsoft Lync