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  • Completion Graduation Transfer Report
  • Guidelines for Investigation and Determination of Complaints Involving Sexual Misconduct
  • Equity in Athletics Report
  • Academic Rights and Responsibilities


You can receive important and urgent “alert” messages from St. Louis Community College through the STLCCAlert Twitter account.

If you have a Twitter account just follow @STLCCAlert using your favorite Twitter application. You will receive STLCCAlert tweets in your Twitter feed just as you receive other tweets from those whom you follow.

If you don't have a Twitter account, you can still receive STLCCAlert messages and notifications via text to your mobile phone using the "Fast Follow" feature. It’s easy to sign up – simply text “Follow STLCCAlert” to 40404 from your mobile phone. 

Please note that you may get several messages when you first sign up that are not from the College. To discontinue receiving text messages that are not from STLCCAlert, simply reply to the text message with the words "SET DISCOVER OFF" (without quotes). After that you will only get messages sent out by the school. Your mobile plan’s text message rates will apply.

Twitter users may want to use the Fast Follow method so they receive STLCCAlert messages via text as well as in their Twitter feed.

Fast Follow Mobile Commands

Below you’ll see all of the SMS commands you can use as a Fast Follower.
Follow [username] - allows you to receive updates from that user.

  • OFF or STOP or LEAVE - turns off receiving updates from the users you are following.
  • ON - will turn on device updates and you will start receiving tweets again.
  • WHOIS [username] - retrieves the profile information of the user.
  • STATS - returns the number of people that you are following.
  • GET [username] - retrieves the latest update that user has posted.

How to remove your phone and fast follower list from Twitter:

Sending STOP twice in succession to 40404 will delete your follower list and remove your phone number from Twitter. You will no longer receive updates from us.

You can send FOLLOW [username] anytime and start receiving updates again!