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Expected Classroom Behavior

St. Louis Community College strives to make the classroom a place that is academically rewarding for both the student and the instructor. Students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning and academic success. The faculty is expected to teach and support learning, not to monitor all your efforts or behaviors.

To encourage an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, the following expectations for student behavior in the classroom have been established:

  1. Be aware of academic policies and requirements:
    1. Read the syllabus.
    2. Follow the guidelines for written and oral assignments.
    3. Ask about any requirements or policies that you do not understand.
    4. Keep all handouts, returned work, etc. until you have received your final grade.
  2. Be Prepared:
    1. Take careful notes on lectures and assigned readings.
    2. Keep up with all assignments and class activities. Get information from another class member if you are absent 
    3. Revise class notes periodically. 
    4. Spend at least two hours on outside work for every one hour of classroom work. 
    5. Be prepared to discuss readings in class.
  3. Be Attentive:
    1. Listen carefully to instructors’ comments, noting information that is stressed.
    2. Pay careful attention to films, video, student reports and guest speakers.
    3. Avoid distracting behaviors.
  4. Be Punctual:
    1. Get to class on time.
    2. Attend all conference appointments on time.
    3. Get required work in on time or see an instructor.
    4. Be on time for all examinations.
  5. Be Respectful:
    1. Turn off your cell phone before entering class.
    2. Tell instructor if you must leave early or arrive late.
    3. If you arrive late, enter quietly and sit in the first available seat closest to the door.
    4. Be polite and respect each other and the instructor.
    5. If you have comments, criticisms or a need to talk, see the instructor during office hours.
  6. Be Serious:
    1. Work hard.
    2. Ask and respond to questions in a serious manner.
    3. Take responsibility for your attendance, participation and learning in the course.
    4. Make sure that your other responsibilities do not conflict with the class schedule.
    5. Abide by the honor system during exams, quizzes and in class writing assignments. Do not cheat or assist cheating.
  7. Be aware of Code of Student Conduct.