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Academic Rights and Responsibilities

Problems that develop between and instructor and a student often result from a simple misunderstanding of what is expected from the other person. Direct communication between the student and the instructor will usually resolve these matters. Therefore, the following regulations incorporate a definition of student academic rights and responsibilities and both informal and formal means of due process and conflict resolution.

Student Academic Rights

Students shall have the right to:

  1. Access to scheduled class meetings and appropriate instructional and support service.
  2. A syllabus describing course objectives; units of subject matter to be provided; evaluation procedures; major course requirements such as term papers, book reviews, field trips and weekly reports; and rules of attendance, grading and conduct.
  3. Instruction that begins promptly; is presented in a clear and concise manner; and provides relevant structured activities consistent with the contact hour requirements of the course.
  4. Classroom instruction, assignments and evaluations that are consistent with the general course description and the specifications of the syllabus.
  5. Be treated in a humane, ethical and professional manner both in the classroom and in all communication and contact with the instructor, other staff and other students.