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Academic Standards

Academic Standards All students, after completing a minimum of six semester hours, are expected to meet certain Standards of Academic Progress. These standards are:

  1. Good standing — if the cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher.
  2. Academic probation — if the cumulative GPA falls below 2.0.

The definition of Satisfactory Academic Progress is not a substitute for, nor does it rule out any specific requirements that a particular program may have. (For example: types of financial aid or Veterans benefits.) Students placed on probation must see a counselor or academic advisor prior to enrolling for the next semester.

Selective admissions career and technical programs may develop and apply appropriate program specific standards and procedures for determining satisfactory student progress and may allow students to be dismissed from and reapply for readmission to the program.

Admission Classifications

Regular Status: Regular students are full- or part-time students who are seeking a degree or certificate from STLCC. As a regular student you may:

  • Apply for financial aid, Veterans benefits or A+ program.
  • Apply for selective admission program.
  • Apply as an international student with F-1 student visa status.
  • Participate in intercollegiate athletics.

To apply for Regular status, you must submit an application for admission. Official transcripts from high school and/or colleges attended must be mailed to the Admissions/Registration office. If applicable, submit the GED or HiSET test scores. Students with 15 or more hours of transferable college credit need not send a high school transcript unless requested by the Admissions/Registration office. You must also complete the college’s placement test or provide documentation to waive assessment.

Admission Criteria for Selective Admissions Programs

Standards of admission and retention have been established for certain programs and courses to make sure students have the necessary aptitude and background for success. Students applying for a program with selective admission criteria may be required to take additional tests for admission purposes and/or meet certain requirements to continue in the program. Contact the department, a counselor or an advisor for program specific information.

General Status: General students are not seeking a degree or certificate from STLCC. General students are typically interested in selected courses and not a particular program of study. A student taking a course for the summer with the intent of transferring the credit to their home institution should enroll as a General student. You must submit an application for admission and complete the college’s placement test, or provide documentation to waive assessment.

Students under General Status cannot be processed for federal financial aid, A+ benefits or veterans’ benefits; cannot be awarded a degree or certificate or apply for a selective admissions program; cannot participate in intercollegiate athletics; or apply as an international student with F-1 student visa status.