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Emergency Call Boxes

Florissant Valley, Forest Park and Meramec campuses are equipped with Emergency Call Boxes. These bright red boxes have blue lights above and can be used to contact the police dispatcher in case of emergency.

How to Use an Emergency Call Box

1. Push the red button to notify the dispatcher.
2. Wait for response: This is the Campus Police.
3. Press the red button to talk and release to listen.
4. Wait at the Call Box and an officer will immediately assist you.

Emergency Call Box Locations

Florissant Valley

  • College Police building
  • Tennis Court
  • Training Center entrance
  • Theatre building, north and west ends
  • Communications building, Lot P-5
  • Social Science building, at bus stop
  • Engineering building
  • Science/Math building North, Lot P-11
  • Science/Math building South, Lot P-13
  • Physical Education building, Lot P-8
  • Track, inside entrance gate
  • Parking Lot P-17

Forest Park

  • B Tower, College Drive
  • Lot C entrance
  • Highlander Drive Lot
  • Sidewalk between Lots B and D
  • Lot A west side
  • D Tower Patio
  • Children’s Center, Highland Park Drive
  • Theatre entrance, Highlander Drive
  • Crosswalk between Lots E and F


  • East Lot U
  • East Lot S
  • West Lot F
  • West Lot C
  • Main Entrance
  • College Police building
  • Clark Hall, north exit

The Wildwood campus has no Call Boxes.