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Florissant Valley Academic Support Center

Welcome to the Florissant Valley Academic Support Center, your partner in helping you reach your full academic potential! Once here, you’ll discover a number of free services designed to help you reach your goals such as Peer Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, Peer/Group Tutoring, The Math and Science Lab, the Writing Lab and our Speech lab.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday  8 a.m.- 8 p.m.
Friday     8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Saturday  10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Peer/Group Tutoring

Our peer/group tutoring program allows you to work with a fellow student who’s successful passed the course you’re currently taking. During your weekly meetings, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions about the subject matter and gain a better understanding of the material. For more information about tutor availability, please contact Kelly Askey kaskey@stlcc.edu or 314-513-4073

Supplemental Instruction

The Supplemental Instruction program continues to be one of the campus’s most popular academic support programs. Individuals with expertise in your subject matter attend the class you are taking and exhibit good student behavior. Following class, Supplemental Instruction Leaders, or SI leaders, hold group tutoring sessions that supplement or help provide clearer understanding of the subject material. On average, students who participate in SI targeted courses earn a full letter grader higher than those who do not. For more information about the classes we target and SI schedules, please contact Linda Schmitt at 314-513-4647 or by e-mail at lschmitt@stlcc.edu.

Math and Science Lab

The Math and Science Lab is a walk-in service that meets you where you are and helps get you where you need to be. Staffed with highly trained professionals, you can feel comfortable going in with uncertainty and leaving with confidence. For more information about the Math and Science Lab please contact Bruce Davis at 314-513-4567 or by e-mail at bdavis@stlcc.edu.

Writing Lab

The Writing Lab is a walk-in lab that helps you at any stage in the writing process. Our tutors will help you with understanding the assignment, organizing your ideas, outlining a draft and learn proofreading techniques, all in an effort to make you a stronger, more confident writer! For more questions about the Writing Lab and others ways they can help you reach your goals, please contact Michael Martin at 314-513-4474 or by e-mail at mmartin@stlcc.edu.

Speech and Communication Lab

And, if it’s a public speaking that’s got you nervous, be sure to visit our speech lab. Here, you will work one-on-one to enhance your communication skills. Whether it’s giving a speech in class, learning how to effectively communicate at a job fair, or strengthening your interview skills for your dream job, the speech lab can help. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Jamie Currier at 314-513-4023 or by e-mail at jcurrier1@stlcc.edu.