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Black History Month

Events on Campus

All campus bookstores are offering 25% off all Black History Month related books.

Florissant Valley

Feb. 4
African-American Heritage Kick-Off Celebration 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Student Center, Multipurpose Room
Keynote Speaker – Kenneth Murdock, Creator of the Murdock Report on WGNU
• African Dance Troup
• Re-enactment by Barnes Bradshaw, Missouri History Museum
• Musical Performances
• Free Soul Food
Sponsored by Campus Life, Student Government Association and Student Clubs/Organizations 314-513-4294.
Feb. 12
Lunch and Learn Noon-1 p.m. Student Center, Multipurpose Room

The Disabled Scholar!
Lecture presented by Roosevelt Mitchell III
Roosevelt Mitchell III, M.Ed. was born with a physical disability and into poverty with five brothers and
sisters and a single parent on welfare. Today Mitchell is an author, public speaker, disability advocate,
special education teacher and president of the Roosevelt Mitchell III (RMIII) Foundation, a foundation that
focuses on normalizing disability in mainstream society.
Sponsored by Campus Life, Access, Instructional Resources and TRiO.

African American Heritage Month Read-In
Faculty on campus will provide texts authored by African Americans to read on Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015.
Event Organizer: Lonetta Oliver, English Department 314-513-4132.

Feb. 18
Lunch and Learn 11 a.m.-Noon Student Center, Multipurpose Room

“The Ferguson Crisis and the Painful Rebirth of the American Civil Rights Movement: An Examination of
Similarities, Differences, Legacies and Potential Reforms”
Lecture presented by Dr. Linda Collins, History department 314-513-4117.
Sponsored by Campus Life. 

Feb. 19
Anansi and Animal and Nature Tales – Bobby Norfolk 10-10:45 a.m. Child Development Center

Bobby loves bringing animals to life through story, giving them all unique voices and personalities,
pondering problems together and working out solutions. Audiences enjoy watching him masterfully
bringing to vivid life these struggles through his characteristically high-energy performance style.
Event Organizer: Renee Mayse, Child Development Center 314-513-4574.

Feb. 25
Winter Open Mic Noon-3 p.m. Student Center, Multipurpose Room
The Poetry Club’s annual Winter Open Mic event offers students, staff and the community a chance to
share their original poetry (spoken word or traditional) as well as brief political or social issue speech
in honor of African American History Month. Brief original song and music is also welcomed as musical
Organized by Regina Popper, English Department: 314-513-4763.

Forest Park

Feb. 3
Black History Month Kick Off 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Cafeteria

Organized by Campus Life 

Feb. 10
Origin of the Word “Nigger” – Its Sacred Meaning 11 a.m.-Noon Highlander Lounger/Student Center

Did you know the origin of this word existed even before written language? That it is actually a derivative of a sacred word for king, chief, queen, goddess or divine one? Join Allen Jones, Ph.D., STLCC-FP adjunct faculty member, and John L. Johnson, Th.D., D.D., from Johnson Books Inc., as they explore the origin of the word “nigger” before it was vilified.

Feb. 11
The Nile Valley Origin of Mathematics and Metrology 11 a.m.-Noon Café East

Egypt – the cradle of mathematics? Even though history credits the Greeks with “discovering” mathematics, it existed long before in Africa. Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, scientist and mathematician, actually studied mathematics in the Nile Valley. Join Allen Jones, Ph.D., STLCC-FP adjunct faculty member, as he explores the origin of mathematics in the Nile Valley and how all the other mathematics were formed out of this area.

 Feb. 12
Groping Toward Democracy; African-America Social Welfare Reform in
St. Louis (1910-1949)
11 a.m.-12:15 p.m. Café West

Presented by Pricilla A. Dowden-White, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator, History Department, University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Feb. 17
Young Activists United: Minimum Wage Struggle 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m. Café East

Presented by Rasheed Aldridge, community activist and member of Gov. Jay Nixon’s Ferguson Commission.

Feb. 19
Racial Profiling in the 21st Century 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m. Café West

This panel discussion, led by representatives from the Missouri Highway Patrol, St. Louis Police Training Academy and William Tucker, Esq., Assistant Professor and Criminal Justice Coordinator at STLCC-FP, will discuss racial profiling from their perspective as three African-American professionals who are intimately involved in the law enforcement area.

Feb. 19-21
Wrapped in Rainbows - Theatre Production Feb. 19 – 11 a.m.
Feb. 20 – 7 p.m.
Feb. 21 – 7 p.m.
Feb. 21 – 3 p.m.
Mildred E. Bastian Center for the Performing Arts - T-204

Enjoy this Reader’s Theatre production featuring African-American poetry, prose and drama compiled and directed by Carla Moody, Associate Professor, Communications and Mass Communications, STLCC-FP.

Feb. 24
In the Face of Ferguson: Writing the Civil Rights Movement, Occupying History and the Shadows of the Sixties 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m. TC-200

Presented by Clarence Lang, Ph.D., Associate Professor, African and African-American Studies and American Studies, University of Kansas. During this talk, he will build on his previous work on African-American social movements in St. Louis. He will also discuss how ongoing events reflect unresolved popular and scholarly discourses about the post-World War II historical phenomenon known as the “60s.” 

Feb. 26
Origin of the word Nigger - Its Sacred Meaning: Part 2 11 a.m.-12 p.m. Café East
Allen Jones, Ph.D, STLCC adjunct faculty member, and John L. Johnson, Th.D, D.D., from Johnson Books Inc. continue their exploration of the significance of understanding the true meaning of this royal divine name.


Feb. 5
Mid-Day Movie Presentation 1 p.m. Student Center, Room 196
The film "42" will be shown.
Organized by Rita Reinhardt: 314-984-7593
Feb. 12
Understanding and Recognizing Mental Health Issues in the African-American Community 11 a.m. Business Administration,
Room 105
Presenters Dr. Jameca Falconer and Dr. Traice Webb-Bradley lead a discussion that includes training for community members on how to recognize mental health issues and how to help connect those in need to mental health resources.
Organized by Rita Reinhardt: 314-984-7593
Feb. 20
Empowerment Through Health and Fitness:
Be Fit, Be You!
 2 p.m. Student Center, Room 196

Get ready to enjoy the latest health information on building your best body through eating right and working out consistently. Fitness professional and personal trainer Kahlia Brookins is dedicated to helping people set their lives in motion and empowering them to achieve lifelong optimal health.
Organized by Rita Reinhardt: 314-984-7593

Feb. 24
UrbSlam Talk Back Noon Meramec Theatre

UrbSLAM Talk Back features the 2014 UrbSLAM team, ranked 6th in the nation. Poets will recite their works and ask audiences to reflect on the social commentary of the performed selections.
Organized by Rita Reinhardt: 314-984-7593 


Feb. 17
Walking the Blue Line: Lessons Learned While Patrolling Racially Divided Communities
Lecture and Book Signing
12:30 p.m. Multipurpose Room
Author Terrell Carter details his experience as a former St. Louis City police officer and the impact of transforming from being one who was regularly profiled by police to becoming the person doing the profiling.  He will discuss the thoughts and tactics of police officers based on their training in the police academy and lessons they learn on the streets, and how this information can help citizens better understand why officers do what they do while still holding officers accountable for protecting and serving our communities. To learn more, visit www.terrellcarter.net
All events are free and open to the public.